From £10 to £20,000 – A Bonus Whores Story

Three years ago I was working in a call center, doing technical support for the business of a major UK ISP. As I only dealt with business customers the weekend shifts were slow, in fact dead would be a better term, often I'd spend 8 or more hours of a 10 hour weekend shift simply sitting waiting for the phone to ring! Well one day I noticed the guy at the desk next to me … [Read more...]

$10 to $1000 and Beyond – KeithF’s Story

I got really interested in poker in 2002, after watching the first televised World Series of Poker tournament that used the hole card camera (to my knowledge). An amateur, Robert Varkonyi, won that year. I got a deck of cards and started playing many different poker variations, finally settling on 7 card stud as my favorite game. I'd always enjoyed multiplayer online games, so … [Read more...]