2017-2018 Super Bowl LII Pick’em

Exciting times! The NFL season, 2017-2018 is almost underway. I love betting “futures” because the payout can be enormous if you pick a “dark horse” candidate that comes out on top. With that thought in mind, I have a quick game for everyone to participate in.

Pick the 2017-2018 Super Bowl Winner

Comment below and let me know who you think will win the Super Bowl this year. If you pick correctly, you will be entered in a draw for cash.

Check out NFL Futures Betting @ Bovada. You could score a big win if you pick now. A $100 bet on a huge underdog could win $3000 if you get it right!

Here’s the Catch

To make sure everyone and their mama doesn’t just pick the New England Patriots, there will be more money to win if you pick a less favorite team that ends up winning it all. Of course you have to balance that against the chance that they actually can win the Super Bowl. I could offer a $1000 prize pool on the Cleveland Browns, and unless miracles happen, never have to pay out on it, ya know?

Possible Winners and Drawing Prize Pools

Pick ONE! Each team will have its own prize pool, based on their legitimate shot to win the Super Bowl.

New England Patriots – $100 prize pool
Green Bay Packers – $125 prize pool
Oakland Raiders – $150 prize pool
Seahawks, Steelers or Falcons – $175 prize pool
Any Other Team: $200 prize pool

The best bet might be “Any Other Team”, given the parity of the NFL these days. I haven’t given it a lot of thought yet. Besides, I can’t enter my own contest.

Here are the picks so far! Super Bowl 52 Pick’em

How The Heck Did I Come Up With The List of Teams?

I used Bovada’s Futures betting. I had to search for “Super Bowl”. See the screenshot below.

Super Bowl Prediction 2017-2018

Get Entered!

Comment below and let me know who you think will win. I’ll start my spreadsheet as usual and we’ll look forward to paying lucky winners at the end of the season.

Comments/Picks need to be made by Wednesday, September 13th. For those of you looking at the schedule, this means you have the luxury of seeing week 1 before the pick deadline.

Don’t Forget…

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  1. George Vance says


  2. Julia Larsen says

    I am going for the Saints to take it all the way!

  3. Vincent Olivieri says


  4. Cool thanks for the offer.

    I’ll go with any other team pool

  5. Erik Laugeson says

    Raiders….they were looking so gooder until they got hit by a Carr or something. thanks for letting look into the future.

  6. Aaron Lambert says

    I’m going with any other team. Favorites being the Falcons but so many sleepers! Can’t sleep on the Steelers or the Chiefs in the AFC and to pick another team in the NFC would about the Cowboys making a charge again?

    • You never know what a new NFL season will bring, eh? It was only recently that the Patriots seemed to dominate yearly, and even then, they are never a sure bet. It would be interesting to see Dallas get out of their doldrums and make a legit run again.

  7. I’ll throw in for the Steelers. Ben’s probable last season, Bryant coming back, and what should be a fearsome pass rush will keep them at the top. Of course, they’ll probably have to get past the Patriots in January, but it would be fun to see one more Roethlisberger/Brady showdown.

  8. Dustin Nieder (discodustin) says

    Tampa Bay.

  9. Charlie Higgins says

    I see the Steelers or Atlanta winning the game.

  10. Play fair

  11. I believe the Seattle Seahawks are the team to beat in the NFC with the Sheldon Richardson addition from the Tanking NY Jets. They will have the best defense in the league.

    • Thanks for the input Pete. Seahawks defense is a scary thing indeed. Maybe they can shake the thug-ball label and get more than just the 5th fan going for them. This is a team that a lot of people love to hate, unfortunately, but I agree, definitely a top tier NFL team if ‘on-paper’ translates to on the field…

  12. raymond whitehouse says

    ill go with the falcons hopefully they learned from their big choke last year and hang on this time !

  13. Chris Smith says

    Gotta go with my home team SEAHAWKS!! to win over the PATS in what will become known as the Revenge Bowl.

  14. Gotta go with the Packers. They’re my favorite team, they were good last year and I think they are even better this year. The key in the NFL just seems to be to avoid any major injuries, so here’s hoping they can do that this season!

    • Packers looked pretty good in their win over the Seahawks. You are right about the injuries. They play such a huge role, since the teams are typically on par at the beginning of the season.

  15. I was thinking the deadline was today, my apologies. Although I’m late to the party, I’m going with “any other team” here… we’ll see what happens!

  16. Going for the Steelers! Thanks for the promo!

  17. So it looks like there are only 3 of us left? The 3 of us that picked “any other team”? I see shockingly that no one picked the Pats…

    • Hi Jay,

      Yea man. I think we can probably go ahead and pay this one out. I’m with you. If someone had picked the Patriots, they’d be favorites to win $200 outright…

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