Kentucky Derby – Free Cash Drawing

If you guys have been a part of our community for a while, you know I love the horses this time of year! It is not something I bet seriously, but a horse race is a blast to watch and the Kentucky Derby is the start of the dream triple crown. May 6, 2017 marks the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby. It’s been going every year since 1875, and I find it impossible to escape the pageantry and tradition, not to mention the chance to win a few bucks on a horse race.

$125 Drawing. Free Entry.

Here’s how to enter:

1. Sign up at

2. Email me your account number (It will be something like SB123456) –

That’s all there is to it. If you want your name in the hat more than once, read to the end of this post.

Prize Pool

5 winners. $25 each.

Winners! Veronika, M Berge, John S, Aaron L and Vertex91. I really appreciate everyone who participated and wish I could just keep drawing! I can promise you that if you keep joining the contests and drawings, you will eventually take home some money. Just ask Aaron L. He’s won well over $300 in our contests. Multiple wins!

I’ll pull the names randomly from the pool of entries. I keep the entries on a google spreadsheet, so you can make sure your name is in the hat! Here’s that link:
Kentucky Derby 2017 Drawing – Check for your Entries!

I will pay out to bitcoin. I chose $25 because $20 is what you need to deposit at with bitcoin. That way you can get some coin on the site and make a Kentucky Derby bet. (Or keep the $25, ya boring son of a gun!)

My Dark-horse

Here’s a great long shot. The horse’s name is Irap. He was a 31-1 underdog in the Blue Grass Stakes on April 8, 2017. He beat some great horses and made a boatload of money for the few people who put money on him. Handicappers are having a heck of a time trying to figure out if he is a late blooming stud or just a lucky performance. We’ll find out Saturday!

This is a GREAT Year to Bet the Derby

In years past, there has been a very heavy favorite. The bigger the favorite, the worse the payouts when he wins. This year, there are a couple of horses given pretty equal shots at winning, and even some good dark horse candidates that would pay out big time. Since there is no heavy favorite, the payouts are almost certainly going to be better, from picking the winner to some of the more exotic bets.

Go sign up at and then shoot me an email please!

(Psst – An extra entry if you comment below with who you think is going to win)
(Psssst – Yet another if you like or share via facebook, twitter, etc!)

Just make sure to tell me how many entries you need me to toss into the hat!


  1. Thanks for the drawing Keith, I think that the Classic Empire horse will win it.

    • Most welcome for the drawing Mike! Please email me your username so I can get your name in the hat x2! (

    • Trisstan says

      I agree with u keith irap is a good finisher..hell come fr behind n win it

      • Heh, he is not the dead last long shot, but he doesn’t have great odds.

        That being said, I will definitely put $10 on him or something and hope for a crazy finish.

  2. I think McCracken will take it down with his class and speed

    • McCracken would pay off pretty well if you are right. On the Kentucky Derby’s leaderboard, he is only # 15, but when I just checked odds on Bovada, he is only a 6:1 dog right now, which puts him in the top 4 as far as favorites go. Maybe you are seeing something that some of the handicappers are seeing as well? Thanks for the feedback!

      Email me your username at Sportsbetting so I can get your name in the hat, my man!

  3. I also like McCracken here… I plan to play it to win and also exactas with McCracken, all and All, McCraken. Best of luck as always Keith!

    • Thanks Jay. Its always interesting to me how the betting takes shape, especially in the frantic moments leading up to the race. You always have some oddball horse who didn’t get a lot of attention during the week, all of a sudden getting a lot of bets on him. Makes me think there must be a lot of track junkies who wait until the last minute and weigh everything from track condition to how the horses look when they walk by. Wish I could be there…

      • Wish I could be there too! One of my bucket list items is getting to a Derby some day!

      • I live just a few hours away, so I just gotta gotta go one year… we’ll see. My kids would love it, just watching the horses run.

  4. Bovada

    • LOL @ John. So, either this was an oddball typo, or the funniest thing I read today. So you are picking “Bovada” to win. You are probably right. :) – The bookies always bring home the most money, eh?

  5. erik laugeson says

    patch the 1-eyed horse, sending sportsbetting name, like and shared facebook and twitter retweet thanks for the shot and gooder luck in the Derby Irap should be moving down the stretch…4 entrys

    • Hi Erik,

      I heard a radio talk show guy talking about Patches (did I spell him right?). It would certainly be a feel good winner. I’ve just added you to the spreadsheet. Thanks for commenting, sharing, etc. Good luck!

  6. Veronika Bejsovcova says

    Hi,Keith,my favorite is Mohaymen…he is a winner!
    I vote him. My account number in Sportbetting is SB521549. Thank you

    • Hi Veronika,

      So many horses with legit chances to win this year! It will make for an exciting race. In years past when I did this, it seemed like everyone was picking the same 1 or 2 horses. Thanks for commenting!

  7. Michelle Hardwick says

    well I see that rain is predicted for raceday in Kentucky, so I’m gonna have to go with McCraken, I was leaning towards Irish War Cry, but something tells me McCrakin is gonna get Crackin on the track. Good luck everyone. Its been a long time since Ive been to the race track, some years back I was a frequent visitor at Golden Gate Fields and Bay Meadows Raceway in California, I actually went into labor with my oldest son at Bay Meadows, almost didn’t make it to the hospital because I didnt want to miss the final races that day!

    • LOL! In that crowd, there had to be a doctor, right? How cool of a story that would have been to say your mom birthed you at the side of a race track. Destined to be a angle shooting horse betting pro…

      I have you for all three entries. Good luck Michelle!

  8. Aaron Lambert says

    I’m going to go with whoever you are picking because I know absolutely nothing about horse racing!

    • Hey Aaron. You know I go for those stupid long shots, right? I used to bet online with Twinspires, and I would just bet like $3 on each race and pick the long shots. I hit a 70:1 and made $210.

      I ended up busting out though, betting long shots, so… not sure its a great strategy. It’s fun when they win though. :)

  9. Vladimir says

    I think that the Classic Empire horse will win it,too.Very good horse.

  10. susan ciliska says

    Thanks Keith…………… :) hope I win

  11. Keith,

    I gotta go with Irap. Favorites usually get upset.

  12. Hi guys
    I fancy thunder snow to run well.!

  13. David Fields says

    SB322633 is my id. I believe that the 2 year old Champion Classic Empire will keep building on his resume and add the Kentucky Derby as a 3 year old..Wow that Arkansas Derby race was a Classic example of the breeding out of Empire Maker. So we know he can get the distance with no problem. Gl to all and ty again Keith

    • He’s one of the favorites for sure, David. Do you bet horses much? (Or watch the races?). I got pretty addicted there for awhile, playing on Twinspires, where you can see multiple races each day from all over the world and bet on them, etc. Have not done it seriously in a couple of years though.

      • David Fields says

        Born in the sport since my dad and almost every family member has worked at a racetrack or 2 at some point in our lifetime. gl on whomever you bet

      • Hi David. Are you in the Kentucky area? Just curious.. of course there are a boatload of horse tracks around the country.

  14. Aleks V Legacy says

    McCracken for the WIN!! And Re-tweeted Post and Google Shared!! From Aleks V Legacy!! WOOT!! (Playaboii)
    SB452923 My Sportsbetting Acct

    Keith its always good to see your emails!!

    • Hi Aleks,

      So sorry bro! I had actually just drawn before this comment came through. I drew Friday evening. NBA and NHL finals coming up though, so I will get a new draw or contest going. I really like folks like you who read and respond! Shoot me an email any time, with ideas or suggestions for events or contests. I am always open to ideas and excuses to do a giveaway. :)

  15. Congrats to all the drawing winners! May you all win your bets and get rich!

    • Thanks for the sportsmanship Jay. I drew the winners Friday night and they are posted in the notice box in the main post now. Congrats and I look forward to another contest soon. NHL and NBA finals are very close. Shoot me some email suggestions on how to do a cash event and I’ll be happy to consider!

  16. I like McCracken.


    • Thanks Kathy. I emailed you moments ago. So sorry this message was just a tad late. I drew Friday evening. I’ll email a heads up on the next contest or drawing.

      Talk soon!

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