Slots of Vegas No Deposit Bonus – $100

Quick Instructions

  • Download the Slots of Vegas software by clicking This Link, and create your account.
  • The $100 will be automatically added to your account.

As the name implies, the Slots of Vegas online casino is known for hosting a ton of different slots. Operated using the popular Real Time Gaming casino software platform, Slots of Vegas has a huge selection of progressive jackpot games available that really give the player the maximum chances of winning a life-changing prize. This is a great online casino to play at if you like traditional casino games or if you’re a big fan of classic slots and video slots. To help you get started, we’re offering a free $100 no deposit bonus at Slots of Vegas. Free bonus, no deposited needed.

How to Get Your $100 Slots of Vegas No Deposit Bonus

Getting your no deposit bonus at Slots of Vegas requires following a few steps. Please be patient and follow the instructions exactly as written below. If you do not follow our instructions exactly, then there always a good chance that you will not qualify for the bonus.

Step 1
Click through the red download button below, to go to the Slots of Vegas website. This step is likely the most important, since the button link takes you to an exclusive page that lets Slots of Vegas know you are a “no deposit” player. Once the website has come up in your web browser, it’s time for step two.

Step 2
Follow the links from the Slots of Vegas website to download the software client. This step may take a few minutes depending on how fast your Internet connection allows you to download the Slots of Vegas installation program. After the download has completed, you’ll need to go ahead and run the installer. Follow the instructions that are given on your screen until Slots of Vegas has fully installed on your computer. At this point you should restart your computer and continue to step three.

Step 3
After your computer has finished restarting, you will run the Slots of Vegas software client. You can do this by using the Slots of Vegas icon that was added to your desktop or start menu when you ran the installation program. When the dialog box comes up, select the option to register a new account. Fill in all of your details and personal information and get your account set up. Make sure that you use the bonus code NDB100, where the last two characters are the number zero and not the letter ‘O’.

Step 4
With your account set up, your free $100 no deposit bonus should be automatically credited to your account within a short period of time. If 24 hours goes by and the bonus has not been added to your account, you should contact the Slots of Vegas support team to see if there was any sort of problem with your registration. Now that you have created an account, it’s time to read the following terms and conditions for this bonus so that you can get to playing.

Slots of Vegas $100 No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

Because this $100 bonus is one of the largest no deposit bonuses offered in the entire online casino industry, you might think that there will be a lot of crazy restrictions on what it takes to clear it, but the opposite is true in this case. Slots of Vegas has a very simple policy with this bonus requiring a 30x play-through before you can cash anything out. In addition to the play-through requirement, you can only cash out up to $100 worth of winnings from this no deposit bonus.

Game Restrictions on the Slots of Vegas No Deposit Bonus

Slots of Vegas is in a minority when it comes to the game restrictions on their no deposit bonus because they are very simple and easy to understand. The only games that you aren’t allowed to play with the no deposit bonus are baccarat, roulette and craps. These are the classic games that are easy to abuse, so it makes since that Slots of Vegas does not allow them with this bonus. Outside of these three games and their variations, it’s open season on playing with and clearing this free $100 no deposit bonus.

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