Casino and Poker Secret Shopper Program

Casino Secret Shopper Program
Become an secret shopper at online casinos, poker rooms and bingo sites! By doing so, you will help improve many facets of the online gaming experience for everyone, including yourself.

Ready to get started? Email me! I will email you back with follow up information about our program and how to get going as a secret shopper! – Please make sure to mention that you are interested in secret shopping at casinos and poker rooms so I know the point of the email.

Why are Casino Secret Shoppers Important?

– Help customer service departments improve through valuable feedback.
– Help cashier services improve as they learn what deposit and withdrawal methods are working and which ones are giving their customers problems.
– Help other gamers by providing a great source of unbiased and honest, true experience reviews.
– Help yourself! Your deposit as a secret shopper will be fully reimbursed. You will be taking shots are winning real money jackpots or poker rooms, and not paying a dime for the opportunity.

How our Program Works

Qualified applicants will be selected and emailed offers to secret shop. The secret shopping experience is a three step process.

1. The secret shopper will register an account at the casino or poker room and make a deposit.
2. We will provide a short list of review questions to be answered during or shortly after your experience.
3. We will reimburse your deposit according to the agreed upon amount.

What is a ‘Qualified Applicant’?

We are looking for honest players who enjoy giving opinions and insights to help others in our community. You need to be able to relay your opinions in a thoughtful way, and take the secret shopping experience seriously.

While we are not looking for college level English majors, the less editing I have to do, the better!

What we do not want, are people just looking to score another no deposit bonus. Obviously, getting your $25 or $50 (or more!) deposit reimbursed is the top incentive. In exchange, we want to build an incredibly useful set of reviews to help guide new players as they try to choose where to make their deposits.