House Advantage of Common Casino Games

No matter what casino game you play, it is helpful to remember that they all have a house advantage or more commonly called the “house edge” built into the game. The simplest definition for the house advantage or edge is it is a measure of how much the casino expects to win and this is expressed as a percentage of the money wagered by the player. So if the house edge is 1%, then the house expects to earn $1 for every $100 dollars wagered on that game.

Players will be amazed at how small most house edges are, but billions of dollars are made every year by these tiny edges multiplied by thousands of players at casinos all over the world. What does this mean to you as a casino bonus hunter? If you know the house edge in the games offered, you can play perfect blackjack for instance, to fulfill your hand requirement to clear a bonus. If you are reading over this article, then it is assumed you are interested in minimizing the houses edge. Understand that the house edge in games like blackjack are based on a player playing blackjack according to a blackjack cheat sheet. Video Poker is another game that a player can play a good strategy to drop the house’s edge to the minimums listed here. A casino player who plays games with a strategy that minimize the house edge, stands a great chance of cashing in on bonuses and promotions without going broke trying.

This table shows the house advantage, and expected loss per $1000 wagered of some popular casino games, the exact house advantage varies slightly with differing rules from casino to casino, but these figures should be good enough for our purposes. All figures assume you are playing the optimum strategy for the game. We’ve provided a blackjack strategy card, but a quick search on Google will yield you a strategy card for many of these other games!

House Advantage Expected Loss per $1000
Blackjack 0.1% to 0.5% $1 to $5
Videopoker 0.1% to 1% $1 to $10
3 card poker 2% to 3% $20 to $30
Roulette (American double 0) 5.26% $53
Roulette (European single 0) 2.7% $27
Roulette (French, La Partage) 1.35% $14
Baccarat (banker bet) 0.5% to 1% $5 to $10
Pai Gow (using house way) 2.7% $27
Casino War 2.7% $27
Texas bonus hold’em 0.5% $5

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