Deposit and Withdrawal Methods for Online Poker and Casinos

While most online poker and casino sites accept Visa and Mastercard logos, you will find that many banks and credit cards do not allow their cards to be used at online gaming sites. The most popular solution is to sign up for an ewallet. An e-wallet is just a fancy name for an online deposit and withdrawal method. Generally, the e-wallet can be deposited to directly from your bank account, prepaid debit/credit cards, etc. The funds can then be moved to the online poker or casino site. You can withdraw winnings using that same ewallet, and then move funds back home to your bank. A very simple process.

The advantages to using an e-wallet are several. The popular ones are accepted at a large number of online gaming establishments, so in many cases one ewallet will let you move funds to and from all of your favorite sites. Many of the e-wallets will issue you an ATM card. This allows for quick access to your cash. Cashouts to e-wallets are generally much faster than wires sent to your bank. Finally, by using an e-wallet to store your “bankroll”, you will be able to quickly take advantage of reload bonuses offered at various sites, not to mention it will help you keep gambling money apart from rent money. You certainly don’t want to empty your bank account on an all night drunken blackjack binge!

For USA players, the most popular E-Wallet is called NetSpend. NetSpend is a prepaid Visa card. You can signup and get your card within just a few days. After you have your card, there are literally thousands locations where you can add money to the card. When I got my NetSpend card, I was surprised to find two locations within less than 5 miles of me, and I live in a rural area! Most gaming sites have trouble processing deposits with traditional Visa and Mastercard issued by your bank or a major credit card company. However, NetSpend has very good success rates when depositing to casino and poker sites with both their virtual card and actual plastic card, because it is prepaid (they are not loaning you money to wager with!).

Players who are located outside of the United States have a much easier time depositing to both online poker and online casinos. The most popular methods are MoneyBookers and Neteller. Both of these methods are found at practically every online poker room and casino, and can be used by players outside of the USA. A few other countries might not be able to access these two options as well, as online gaming laws and regulations change. Even though non-USA players have a much easier time depositing and withdrawing, it is still a good suggestion to make the cashier section one of your first priorities to visit to just make sure that depositing and withdrawing funds will be a viable option for you.

If you have questions about depositing or withdrawing, we would be happy to answer your questions. I have been depositing and withdrawing successfully since 2003, and at many online gaming establishments. I would be happy to field any questions you might have, feel free to contact me.

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