Winning Pot Limit Omaha – Tight Aggressive Strategy for PLO

How To Play Tight-Aggressive Pot Limit Omaha The easiest way to win in any poker variant is to play tight-aggressive poker. Easy in theory; not so easy in practice. After all, how tight is tight? How tight is too tight? Take Texas Hold’em for example. A tight player might voluntarily put money in the pot 17% of the time raising 15% of the time. Those stats are great … [Read more...]

Successful Poker Semi-Bluffing – How to Win with Semi-Bluffs

All poker players, good and bad, bluff. The good players know when they can bluff and when they shouldn’t. Bad players usually bluff without rhyme or reason. Every once in a while a situation comes along where a bluff is not only desired, but is almost mandatory. Semi-bluff opportunities are one of those situations. This article focuses on teaching you how to steal an … [Read more...]

Avoiding Poker Tilt

Tilt. It’s like the Domino’s Noid only instead of wrecking pizzas, it wrecks your bankroll. Tilt is an invisible force that gets inside your head and causes you to make bad play after bad play until you’re broke. Everyone has gone on tilt at one time or another and everyone has horror stories about how much money they lost when it happened. If you want to be a successful … [Read more...]

Rebuy Poker Tournament Strategy

The rebuy period of a rebuy tournament reminds me of play money poker. At least half the field wants to see the pot and two or three people will be all-in at some point in the hand with crap like J7o, 85s, A3o, or two other cards that are equally random. These players are looking to make a couple of quick double-ups to give them a big stack. It’s nice to have a big stack, … [Read more...]

Playing Selective Aggressive Poker

How To Be Selectively Aggressive Any player with half a brain knows that aggressive poker is winning poker. But there are a few players - we’ll call them aggro-donks - that take this fact too far. These aggro-donks aggress in every situation. They usually build a decent stack early and then lose it all when another player traps them. The best players are able to choose … [Read more...]