Anatomy of a Great Poker Bluff

How To Pull Off A Great Poker Bluff The only thing more satisfying than catching someone in a bluff is pulling off a great bluff yourself. Most new players think bluffing means betting an amount of money that you don’t think your opponent can call, but bluffing is much more complicated than that. It takes a lot of preparation to bluff successfully. You have to pay attention … [Read more...]

Stealing Uncontested Poker Pots

It happens all the time. There are four people in a pot and the flop comes K36 and everyone checks. The turn is a Ten and everyone checks again. Then the river is a 2 and everyone checks it down. Ace high or a pair of threes takes the pot. That pot could have been yours, with a well timed bluff. Do you ever steal multi-way pots? If you don’t, you’re missing out on a … [Read more...]