Community Spotlight: Aaron L

Here’s a new blog category for our site! I would like to start doing a mini interview of various members, and who better to start with than one of our most recent winners. Aaron L. won our Fantasy Football Survival League 2015. That win made him $100, transferred directly to his paypal account.

Aaron has won or placed in a number of our special events over the past couple of years, so I asked him if he had a ballpark estimate of what he has won through our site. He emailed this back.

Hey Keith,

I’m a big sports fan so I enjoy the survival leagues the march madness brackets and anything related to that. I’d probably say $300+ that I’ve gotten. I can think of two other $50 payments from drawings and then I took 3rd in a March Madness game that netted $100. That’s what I can remember as far as payment.

That email conversation is what gave me the idea of a community spotlight to celebrate members who participate frequently. I am not sure where this ‘community spotlight’ will take us, but I do want to publicly thank Aaron and each and every one of our visitors and members here!

$300 to one member is nothing to sneeze at!

Want in on our current contest? It’s posted here: Cash for Christmas Drawing

I will be drawing $200 in prizes on New Years eve, so just a couple of more days to get in on that drawing!

Finally, let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, from my family of five to you and your loved ones!

Here’s to us in 2016!

P.S. Ideas for a ‘community spotlight’? I’m open to suggestions! Email me: or just comment below.


  1. Way to go Aaron. Cool blog Keith

  2. Youre great Keith!

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