ACR tells BOT providers to F*#% off

Americas Cardroom has issued a major apology to BOT providers. And by apology, we mean they’re giving them the middle finger.

The sorry-not-sorry announcement comes at a time when BOT providers are angry with Americas Cardroom for making their lives completely difficult. Here’s what happened.

In September 2019, online BOT provider War Bot removed Americas Cardroom from their list of sites they support. What’s more, Shanky technologies (, Kraken, and Medusa ( have reported that their BOTS are currently not working on Americas Cardroom.

This all went down after Americas Cardroom unleashed a software update that targets BOTs. The new software is designed to not only detect BOTs, but also to make sure they don’t work in the first place.

The new upgrade is part of an anti-BOT initiative that saw Americas Cardroom strengthen its Security and Customer Assessment teams to detect, block, and ban BOTS. Over the last few months, the poker site has banned 12 BOT accounts and refunded over $450,000 to players affected by BOTs.

The new anti-BOT technology comes just in time for November 27th’s $6 Million Venom. Just four months after the record-setting $5 Million Venom, this one promises to be even bigger. Once again, you can win your $2,650 seat from as little as $0 through a Step tournament or qualify through an online poker satellite.

For more information on what Americas Cardroom is doing to protect players against BOTs, and for information on the $6 Million Venom, visit Americas Cardroom.

(Pro Tip! From today until November 3rd, there are 6 freerolls per day at Americas Cardroom! This link will take you directly to the info: America’s Cardroom Freebuy Super Series)

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