Grab Your Balls (The Crystal Ones!)

Can you see into the future? If so, it is time to cash in on that talent at, where they have begun posting 2014 Winter Olympic “futures” betting odds. Futures betting is one of the most profitable ways to bet sports because the payoffs for a correct bet can be huge compared to the usual moneyline or ‘against the spread’ bet made just before a game.
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Here is a screenshot from my own account. Right now, a $1 bet on Austria or Slovenia taking home the hockey gold medal, would deliver a hefty $1000 prize payoff. When you consider that there are three NHL pro’s playing for Austria this year, that might not be a bad bet!


Games do not start until February 6th, but you can wager on hockey, skiing and speed skating right now. If you have a good feel for who is going to be at the top of the medal stand, then your best profit will be making that wager now with a futures bet.

Bodog – Everything Under One Roof!

I have been frequenting gaming sites for years, and it has been interesting watching sites grow from poker to poker + side games, or adding sportsbooks, etc. Bodog beat them all to the punch years ago. Bodog has well established access to poker, sports, casino and even horse racing. One account puts you a mouse click or a finger tap away from pretty much anything a brick and mortar casino can offer.

So while you are waiting to see if your longshot Austrian Hockey team is going to take down Olympic Gold, you can enjoy a little video poker or keno, or sit down in Bodog’s fast paced “Zone Poker”, where players are moved to a new table every time they fold. You can play literally hundreds of hands per hour and not have to wait on new cards when you are dealt that wonderful 7-2 offsuit.

Join – I’ll give you $25

We have one of the longest running Bodog Free Bankroll offers on earth. If want to check out what Bodog has to offer, and you do not already have an account there, we can get $25 cash to you for playing in the Bodog poker room. If you want to get funds for sports, casino or horses, you will either need to win it at the poker tables or make your own deposit.

USA resident? You can get a $25 Free Bankroll on

Take a peek at the “Promotions” tab on Bodog, for a long list of value added offers. Casino players can score up to $3000 free, poker players can participate in huge guaranteed prize pool tournaments, and there are a bevy of rewards available for everything from blackjack players to horse racing gurus.

Bodog Casino is available both with Instant Play or the traditional software download. On your phone or ipad right now? Get crystal clear access through Bodog Mobile.

Go Austria!

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