Kentucky Derby 2016 Betting Tips

Kentucky Derby 2016
The 142nd “Run for the Roses”, otherwise known as the Kentucky Derby, is set for May 7, 2016. Here is a quick list of favorites, contenders and three betting tips to consider if you plan to make a wager or two on this first race of the triple crown. Join the discussion in the comments below, especially if you plan to make a bet on the 2016 Kentucky Derby!

Nyquist is the horse to beat.

This three year old colt has already won in excess of $3 million, going 7-0 so far in his young racing career. Entering the Kentucky Derby as an undefeated favorite means a lot of money will no doubt come in on Nyquist.

Gun Runner is on a lot of folks short list.

If you are talking trifecta boxes, where bettors try to guess the top 3 finishers, Gun Runner is often in the mix. In fact, if you check the Kentucky Derby leaderboard today (4/27), he is actually ranked # 1, ahead of Nyquist.

Exaggerator draws a lot of attention.

This horse gets excellent reviews. He has a lot of races under his belt, and consistently finishes in the top tier. He has 4 wins himself. Not shabby.

Top longshot?

Several experts really like Danzing Candy as a long shot. Sadly, if he keeps getting the “long shot” attention, enough wagers will come in on him that he will end up not being a long shot in the final wagering odds, after all.

Another point I should make here; a lot of folks consider this to be a strong field, top to bottom. We don’t have a clear “triple crown” threat, so it might be a great race to bet some of the longer shots and have a better than average chance of winning.

Here are three quick tips to keep in mind this May 7th!

1. If you want a nice pay day, don’t bet the favorite. Betting the favorite tends to be a losing proposition over the long haul. Even though the favorite in any horse race wins a lot, you will never see a great payout. While the losses are fewer, they are still enough to derail you, since the winning bets pay out such meager earnings.

For a little more excitement, bet on a horse with a better payout, yet still a great chance to win.

2. Check the weather! The stats everyone else pays attention to are a horse’s various speed ratings, bloodlines, etc. One of the most overlooked, yet very important factors is the track condition and how each horse performed in similar conditions during past races. Right now, (again, well out here on 4/27), the extended forecast for Louisville, KY. is sunny on May 7th. We all know how fast that can change!

The track condition can be a key factor that guides you all the way up to the last minute betting decisions.

3. Lock in odds with futures prop betting. For those of you not used to betting horses, a huge difference is the fact that the line moves after you have placed your wager. So if you bet a horse that’s a great 10:1 value, by the time the gates open, he could be the favorite and an awful bet! You will be paid on his odds at the time betting closes, not what you originally made your wager at.

Here’s the solution. Get in on the betting right now at sites that have futures or prop bets. These lines are locked in for you at the time of your wager. You get the opportunity to lock in a great value and do not have to worry about the fickle betting trends on race day.

You can get some of the best horses at odds of 10:1, and if you get it right, that will make for a nice win! Check out my locked in bets and nice payouts if luck is with me!

I made my bets at Bovada, a USA only betting site. You can Bet on the Kentucky Derby 2016

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Good luck with your Kentucky Derby 2016 wagers this May! Feel free to leave thoughts, feedback and your own strategy and tips in the comments below.

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