Scores of free $5 Million Venom seats at Americas Cardroom

Americas Cardroom’s $5 Million Venom is nothing short of a gamechanger. Even if you aren’t
into clichés, you can’t deny just how huge this tourney that starts July 14th is going to be.

Not only will the $5 Million Venom feature the largest guaranteed prize pool ever offered by a
US-facing online poker site, but the winner will receive at least $1,000,000.

Ready to claim your free tournament seat? Then visit Americas Cardroom and enter one of
their Step Tournaments for free. There are six daily Step 1 freerolls happening at 12am, 4am,
8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm ET, which pay out 113 total seats to Step 2.

If you’ve never played in a Step Tourney before, they’re easy to navigate. The goal is to work
your way through all the steps, but you’re free to re-enter Step 1 if you bust out at any stage.
You can also buy a spot in one of the later steps to save time. If you conquer Step 6, you’ll get a
$2,650 Venom seat.

Check out the prize and odds:
 Step 2 ($6.61 buy-in) –25 Seats guaranteed to Step 3 (1 in 2.75 win)
 Step 3 ($16.51 buy-in) –15 Seats guaranteed to Step 4 (1 in 3.6 win)
 Step 4 ($55.01 buy-in) –6 Seats guaranteed to Step 5 (1 in 3.9 win)
 Step 5 ($215.01 buy-in) –5 Seats guaranteed to Step 6 (1 in 3.15 win)
 Step 6 ($630.01 buy-in) –1 Venom Seat guaranteed (1 in 4.41 win)

If those odds look impressive, it’s because Americas Cardroom is investing $120,000 each
month into these Step Tournaments.

We recommend that you follow the lead of ACR poker pro Thomas Cannuli. In case you haven’t
heard of the Cannuli Challenge, Thomas is trying to win three Venom tickets starting with $0.
How many will you win? Enter Step 1 and find out.

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