What you could buy with $1 million won in ACR’s Venom

This is a fun infographic I wanted to share that shows some things you could win with the $1 million dollar top prize in the Venom tournament held at America’s Cardroom.

The most ridiculous I thought was a roundtable with Donald Trump for you and 9 friends. Seriously? Who would pay $100,000 each to sit and talk to the president? I’m not being political. I just just can’t imagine paying that much to sit at a table with one guy, no matter which side of the aisle he’s representing.

I would take the 100 seats in the WSOP. Well, given my age, probably just play every year for the next ~20, and spend the other $800,000 on something else. :) But, interesting to see what $1 million dollars would get you!

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