Managing your Bankroll – When to Move Down

Moving up is fun. You master the $2 Sit ‘N Goes then you move to the $5 Sit ‘N Goes. In no time you’re onto the $10 Sit ‘N Goes then the $20s. You’re on top of the world congratulating yourself on you godlike poker abilities. But everybody ends up having to move down sometime – and that feels like crap.

Even Chris Ferguson had to move down when he was doing his $10,000 experiment. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. The trick is to know when you should move down. Here are a few reasons you should move down in limits.

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Your Bankroll Takes A Hit
Proper bankroll management is the key to making money in poker. If you go on a losing streak and your bankroll no longer supports your current level of play, you should move down.

Your Confidence Takes A Hit
Let’s say you’ve been on a losing streak for a long time and while you’re still properly bankrolled for your limit, you doubt your poker prowess. If you’re not in top mental condition, you should move down in limits until your confidence builds back up. You can’t be a winning poker player if you’re second guessing your plays.

You Want To Try Something New
It’s good to learn new things to incorporate into your game, such as learning how to play small suited connectors, but these things always have an awkward period. It takes time for you to integrate new strategies and that time is better spent at a lower buy-in level where mistakes won’t cost you as much.

You Haven’t Played In A While
Maybe you went on vacation or maybe you took a break after a particularly nasty losing streak. Whatever the reason, you haven’t played poker in a while and you’re no longer as sharp as you once where. Drop down in limits until you get back into the swing of things.

You Switched To A New Poker Site
New poker sites mean new players and as any online player can tell you, just because the $20 games are soft at Carbon Poker doesn’t mean they’re soft at Full Tilt Poker. When you move to a new poker room, start a little lower than you usually play and work your way up.

There are other reasons to move down in limits, but these five are the most common. Knowing when to move down will save your bankroll from massive and unnecessary swings.