2000 Reasons to Cheer for Colombia!

Some of you may remember my post 4 years ago, titled 3000 reasons to cheer for Algeria. I had made a $3 bet on Algeria to win the World Cup, that would have paid $3000. This year, I am going with a team that actually has a chance. I put $50 on Colombia. If they pull it off and win World Cup 2018, I will rake in $2000+. Yea baby! And, the best part is, they actually stand a chance. Most sports geeks have them as a legit dark horse underdog.

What’s in it for you? $1000.

Just like last time, if my team wins, and I bring home $2000, I am splitting my prize with our community here. $1000 to be given away in a drawing, shortly after Colombia hoists the trophy!

Now, just to make sure it’s not a waste of time, I will give away at least $100, no matter how they do.

To make it even more interesting, I placed $10 bets on Croatia, Uruguay and Portugal. All pretty solid teams. The winnings for any of those would be $200 to $300, so if one of those win, I will give away 100% of the win to our community here.

WINNERS! Well, we came really close to a few hundred with Croatia, but alas, $100 to give away. I drew four winners to get $25 bitcoin transfers. Our winners list is: CntryBoySurvivn, DJ Kidd, Amy O and Susan C. I’ll have a fresh contest up and running in days!
Update 07/12/2018! While Colombia got bounced by England, the boys from Croatia pulled out a come from behind win to put them in the championship match vs. France. I had put $10 on them to win outright, at +3300, so by my math, if they pull off an upset vs. France, I will win $330. Or, YOU will win, if you are in our drawing and your name gets pulled. Good luck and thanks for participating!
Update! Colombia has made it into the round of 16, and actually won their group, Group H. My other bets are going pretty spectacularly. Uruguay and Croatia were both undefeated in group stage, and Portugal managed to push through in a very evenly balanced Group B. 4 wins from $2000!

Where the Heck Did I Find These Bets?

I used Intertops. It’s USA friendly, but they are happy to accept players from all around the world. In fact, if you sign up with our exclusive promotion and get a $5 free bet, no deposit required.

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World Cup 2018 Best Bets

Enter the $1000 Drawing!

You can enter up to three times. Simply complete each of these three tasks.

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2. Share or Tweet. Use the two blue links at the top of this post. Takes you seconds, and helps our community grow!

3. Comment on this post. Let’s talk soccer! Who is your favorite team? MLS or other league? Should it be called soccer or football? I look forward to some friendly discussion!

Remember! You can enter up to 3 times with the methods above. Email me and let me know which tasks you completed to make sure you get all of your entries counted!


Can Colombia Win the World Cup 2018?

Yes indeed. They have the same core group of players that shocked Uruguay in 2014 and made it to the final 8 teams. They played well vs. Brazil but were eliminated. One of the brightest stars on the Colombia squad is James Rodriguez. Here’s a clip of some of his highlights for you to enjoy.


  1. I’m not a huge soccer fan, but do get into the World Cup a bit! I used to be a big fan of the Canton (Ohio) Invaders back when I was younger and they had a team. I also played for 10 years when I was younger…
    Rooting for Columbia to make us all winners!

    • Game one was not good for us, but they’ve got a chance to redeem themselves. I feel like their group should be winnable. Here’s hoping!

  2. Jeremy Shelton says

    It’s totally free!! and you might winπŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ‘

  3. Aaron L. says

    I remember this and likely got something from the last drawing :) USA all day but man is it disappointing and not as watchable when they can’t qualify

    • I agree. Without the USA qualifying, it takes some of the excitement away. That being said, I can watch pretty much any soccer teams and enjoy it, as long as they are active and push.

  4. ROSESHOOD says

    Honestly I am rooting for Keith so Columbia All The Way…Go , Go, Goal.

    • Thanks Rose! Love the “go go goal!”, lol. I remember that advertisement where they featured the one guy who would say “Gooooooooaaaaaaallll” for like a full minute without taking a breath. :)

    • Rose Richie says

      Keith your picks are great. Wishing you luck and I tweeted and shared on facebook. Already a player at Superior and 24k ROSESHOOD. WTG Rose

      • Hey Rose,

        I got you in for all 3 entries, based on the fact that you joined both Superior and 24k at some point through us in the past I am sure. Good luck in the drawing!

  5. Love contest lime this. Very 😎 liked. Shared, joined

  6. Another great contest Keith, thanks! I have to go with Germany simply because they made me some money on a sports bet a few years ago. This year should be interesting!

  7. FunSeeker says

    Here’s wishing Columbia comes through for you Keith! I used to enjoy Hockey but the soccer world cup is a lot of fun to watch, lots of action and lots of surprises so far.
    Go Go Goooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllll!!!

    • I do like how once the soccer half starts, there is no break until the half. Keeps me riveted to my seat and not wandering with endless advertisements. :)

  8. FunSeeker says

    hmmm wonder how Columbia will handle Senegal…fingers crossed Keith! GO Columbia GO!!

    • Colombia finished their group in style with that win over Senegal, and 6 points to lead their group.

      Now for the round of 16. England is up first… hoping for a good match!

  9. FunSeeker says

    Wow your bets on Croatia, Uruguay and Portugal are going pretty good last I looked :) let’s keep it goin!

    • They are indeed. I’ve got all 4 of my teams in the knockout round. Uruguay is looking really strong, going undefeated in the group stage. Portugal sorta squeaked in, but that was a well balanced group with a lot of draws and no team getting more than one win. Croatia undefeated too in the group stage. Definitely some good picks this year. Now to see how they do in the knockout rounds!

  10. susan ciliska says

    Hi Keith… I tweeted and put it on face book… thanks

  11. Amy M Oden says

    I don’t get to watch it so the excitement is from you guys! I will go with Keith on Columbia! Keep me informed!!

    • Colombia plays England tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. my time. It’s going to be a tough match for them to advance. England has some of the best players in the world, but we have seen other “best players in the world” go down…. Messi and Argentina were bumped as well as Renaldo and the Portugal team. I’m hoping for a good match that keeps us glued to the screen all afternoon.

  12. Pulling for Croatia now so you still get a win! Going to be a great couple of semi-final matches…

    • Indeed. England put Colombia out, so it would be sweet revenge for Croatia to knock England out, and I would have a legit shot at winning money.

      France is really good! I think Croatia could really do this though. Here’s hoping!

  13. FunSeeker says

    Congrats to all the winners! and thanks to Keith for sponsoring these great fun contests!
    A great soccer season with a ton of surprises! wow!

    • Thanks for the follow up FunSeeker. :)

      It was surprising indeed. Croatia was a heavy underdog at the start of the World Cup. I was proud of my ‘darkhorse’ research this time around. Every team I selected made it into the knockout stages, and we were 1 win away from a nice $330 payout!

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