400 Reasons to Cheer for the Arizona Cardinals to win Super Bowl 50

If the Arizona Cardinals win Super Bowl 50, one of my crazy prop bets at Bovada will pay out $400, and I plan to share that with our community here. I have some guaranteed cash to give away, and then more if Carson Palmer and the boys pull this off.

Congrats to Stacey W. and Bruce B. who won our two $25 prizes. Arizona survived against Green Bay, and earned these two members a little extra cash. Thanks to everyone who emailed in to participate! – KeithF

My Crazy Prop Bet

I sure am wishing I had put more than $10 on the line back on September 8, 2015. I made three bets and you can see them in the screenshot below (click the image to see full size). The Cardinals were one of the long shots, but a good bit of press considered them a potential dark horse surprise candidate.

Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl Prop Bet

My $10 prop bet could win $400!

Update! Well, after winning a classic nail biter vs. the Packers, the Cardinals proceeded to get absolutely smoked by the Carolina Panthers. That was ugly to watch. Good news though. 1 win = $50 to draw. As bad as I hate to do an early draw (I hoped this would take us to the super bowl!), I am drawing today, 1/29/16. Thank you for participating!

Aww Heck. Let’s Give Away Some Dough! (Up to $200)

The Cardinals play the Packers on Saturday evening, January 16th. If they win that game, they move on to the NFC championship game on January 24th. A win there puts them into the Super Bowl on February 7th.

– Each playoff game they win, will trigger 2 x $25 drawings for our community.

– If they win the Super Bowl, we will draw 4 x $25 drawings.

Get Your Name in the Hat!

Let’s make this easy. To get in the drawing, email me (info@nodepositbonus.com) your account nickname or ID at one of these sites. If you do not have an account already, please use the link provided. (These drawings don’t pay for themselves!)

USA Residents – Bovada Signup Link
Canada Residents – Bodog Signup Link

All three sites are very popular, have been around for years and give you access to sports, casino, poker, horses, etc.

Get Your Name in the Hat Twice

Interact with this post by liking, sharing, or just commenting below. I’ll put your name in the drawings twice and double your chance of winning. There are some easy sharing links on the right side of this post.

Please make sure to email me to be sure you have all of your entries! info@nodepositbonus.com

Random Closing Thoughts

If you didn’t have a team to cheer for this Super Bowl season, now you have motivation to pop some popcorn and tune in!

I’m considering making some hedge bets. I could bet $100 on each of their opponents each week, and guarantee a smaller profit. Or let it ride on the Cardinals? Your thoughts?

There are some really interesting prop and future bets still to be had at Bovada and I am sure at the other sports betting sites. Last year I bet (and won) that Idina Menzel’s rendition of the National Anthem would be longer than average. As the Super Bowl gets closer, there will no doubt be some wild wagers!

One of our site sponsors still gives out $10 free sports bets. All you have to do is register an account.

This event has a similar forerunner. Does anyone remember our ‘4000 reasons to cheer for Algeria’ event?

Go Cardinals!


  1. Larry Kramer says

    go cardinals – keep of the great work

    Thanks NoDepositBnus – You’re awesome!

  2. gina pangnhia vue says

    thanks for sharing with us always keith, you’re the best! super smart pick on the cardinals, even better for me!

    • Thanks Gina. I wish it could have lasted a little longer. :) – Ahh well, go Broncos! I’m in Tennessee, so Peyton Manning has always been one of our favorite sons. It would be nice to see him pick up a ring on his way out the door…

  3. Always up for free money and screw the Packers anyway!

    • LOL @ Aaron. That game vs. the Packers was pretty awesome. It showed us that the Cardinals were NOT Super Bowl favorites though, and the Panthers nailed that point home over and over and over and over….

      What was up with Carson Palmer? I think they would have done better if he stayed hurt, in this case. I stopped cheering for the Cardinals at one point and started cheering for Palmer to break the turnover record.

      • It was ugly for sure! Palmer is great but seems to have added the “can’t produce in big situations” moniker.

  4. Bruce Budd says

    Hi Keith its me Bruce can you enter me my Bovada number is 26326 9

  5. Very cool giveaway. Thanks so much we really do appreciate it!

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