August 2023 – Freeroll NDB0823GV

If you are in the USA, you are likely saving your gamblin’ dollars for the Mega Millions which just hit $1.5 billion and counting. So while you are waiting to win that, here is our August slots freeroll at Grande Vegas. Free to play, and if you have a couple extra bucks, easy to climb the leaderboard. Your chance of winning something is a lot better too. :)

Grande Vegas $250 Slots Tournament – Password Provided!

  • You can access the private freerolls via the downloaded Grande Vegas software. It is relatively hidden, so there isn’t a ton of competition.
  • Download Grande Vegas Casino
  • Our freeroll is titled NDB0823GV  –  There are lots of other private freerolls in the list. Some password protected and some not. Enjoy!

Platform: Download
Game: Warrior Conquest
Name: NDB0823GV
Password: WARRIOR101
Buy-In: FREE – You get 5 minutes and 50 credits.
Add-Ons: 100 possible, at $1.10 each. You get an additional 2 minutes and 20 credits.
Casino guarantees $250 CASH. This is not bonus winnings! It is cold hard cash that you can use to play any other games or join other tournaments.

How to Play and Win Grande Vegas Points Tournaments

If you have money for the rebuys, your goal is not to conserve credits. You start with 50. You can increase your bet if you like and you will burn through your credits faster. But, if you hit a winning line, your win will be exponentially higher. If you have money for rebuys, then increasing your bet can make you climb the leaderboard faster with just a few lucky spins.

If you are not planning on playing past the free credits, then it would be advisable to play the minimum $1 credit per spin. Why? Because in this case, it gives you 50 chances to hit a big win or free spin bonus round, for a higher placement on the leaderboard.

To win outright, you finish in the money, you will need to be prepared to do at least a few rebuys and to check back periodically to see if someone has overtaken you. Since these tournaments are only viewed from the downloaded software, there are a lot of players who are not even aware that they exist. It makes it a lot easier for you to spend a few bucks and show a profit.

Good luck at Grande Vegas!

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