BetBaller Free Sports Bet

Rare free sports bet! I know many of you are just casino and poker players, but I also know a few of you enjoy placing a wager or two on NCAA and NFL football games. Here is a free bet, no deposit required, at BetBaller. This site is great for all sports bettors. They have tons of bets on soccer (real football?), MMA, Boxing and even eSports. This is an absolute exclusive offer for our community. It will take an email from you to get the free bet, but it will be worth it!

Step # 1: Create an account at BetBaller (Choose Bitcoin as your currency!!!)


This free bet is in bitcoin. It is .020 bitcoin, which is worth approximately $12 at this point in time.

Step # 2: Send an email to with your BetBaller username and quote the code NDB2016

Step # 3: Your bonus will be credited to your account within 24 hours (usually within 2-3 hours)

WTFreak? Bitcoin??!

Yes, BITCOIN. The easiest way to deposit to online gaming sites these days. I am an old fart and I figured it out. If I can, you can too. I contacted one of our community members, “Disco Dustin” and he put together a quick guide for us, as he has been in bitcoin longer than I have. Link: Bitcoin Gamblers – Banking Tips

That being said, if you are interested in bitcoin and want to know how to get started, email me. I’ll be happy to give you simple instructions that will have you using bitcoin in minutes.

BetBaller will let you deposit in other currencies, but Bitcoin is the best thing to use here, and gets you the free bet.

Terms and Conditions

Please pay attention to these. Especially the fact that you must bet the full 20mBTC on an NFL selection. Once you win (hopefully!) this bet, you can go on to bet on whatever you want to meet the rollover requirement.

  • Strictly one bonus allowed per household/IP address/Browser
  • Bonus will only be credited if the code NDB2016 and your username are quoted on the email
  • First Bet: You must place the full 20mBTC bet on any NFL selection with odds of over -125/1.80
  • Rollover/Wager Requirement: To withdraw you must wager 15x the bonus – so 300mBTC
  • Max contribution per bet for rollover/wager requirement is 20mBTC
  • Only bets with odds of over -125/1.80 count towards the rollover/wager requirement
  • Bets cashed out in-play will not count towards the rollover

This a no deposit offer with a better than average chance of players bringing some money home.

Why? Because you can make smart sports bets. When you play casino games, you are at the mercy of luck. I love casino games and hitting those lucky streaks, but as far as control over your outcome, you will have a lot more with this free sports bet. Make good bets! You only need to roll it over 15x to cash out.

BetBaller Free Sports Bet


  1. William Hull says

    Just created my account and sent the email. Don’t know anything about sports betting but I’m willing to take a wag* at it. Especially since it’s free. Thanks Keith.

    * wild ass guess

    • Heh, I had to chuckle at the WAG. I know people who make their entire living doing that… :)

      Good luck William. I emailed you about getting setup to do bitcoin transactions. It is actually very easy to setup and do. I don’t keep a lot of money in bitcoin, because it fluctuates a lot, but its the best way to get money on and off online casinos, in my opinion. At least for us USA residents….

  2. Well love the offer and it went smoothly until I started searching all over the site to bet the 20.00mBTC on NFL and there no NFL to be found. Just College Football . The offer say has to be bet on a NFL game right ? Could you look and see if I’m wrong please ! And if I am I apologize and hope you can guide me to the right area of the site to place my bet. And I know your good in this area so I have to pick your brain alittle bit. What teams and spread would you place the bet on this weekend? Thanks Kindly

    • I am seeing 66 bets for American Football > USA. Here’s my screenshot. If you click any of the individual games, you can select from a number of spread bets on each game (basically buying/selling points). That’s a pretty nice feature. In the top right corner, change it to “American” to see the moneylines that we are used to.

  3. Awesome!. Signed up as directed and received 20mbtc after email… only issue currently is that i cant find any NFL bets at this time. :)

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