Cafe Casino $10 Chip

Cafe Casino is another recently launched “USA only” online casino. To drive registrations, they are offering $10 free, no purchase necessary. That’s great for USA residents! Get all of the details below, and see if you can win some cash in the relaxed atmosphere of Cafe Casino!

Here’s the link: Cafe Casino $10 Free Chip

Who are these guys?

Does the site remind you of Bovada/Bodog, and Ignition? It should. Same ownership and similar software. In my opinion, this is a good thing. I love Bovada’s casino and games. Granted, I play there mainly because I enjoy the occasional sports bet, but I sneak over to the casino for some entertainment pretty frequently.

Cafe Casino is catering to the kick back and relax demographic. If you like to spin the reels while sitting in a coffee shop somewhere, this will be a perfect fit for you.

$10 free starts you off. Make a deposit and enjoy a nice 500% matching deposit bonus up to $5000. That’s a pretty huge welcome bonus!

Update! One of our members did a secret shopper review of Cafe Casino. Check it out! Cafe Casino Review by GodzAmongKingz

Interesting note:

Cafe Casino accepts Bitcoin. If you try this deposit method, please leave us a comment. I have not dabbled in bitcoin myself, but its an interesting concept and I have researched the “mining” a bit. It really seems to be catching on as a stable currency, and perfect for online casinos where many players like to maintain their anonymous personas.

To encourage deposits via Bitcoin, Cafe Casino offers this deposit method with $0 fees, and withdrawals can be done every three days!

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Cafe Casino $10 Free Chip


  1. Mary Ann Gruber says

    Cafe Casino is not available in New Jersey

    • Drat. Seems like NJ members are stuck with the few approved sites for that state. Have you tried sites like Party and Stars for NJ residents? Thoughts?

  2. Dustin Nieder says

    My bitcoin deposit went fairly smooth. There is up to a 60 minute wait time between your request through your bitcoin wallet and the time they credit your account. Cafe Casino, Bovada,, and Ignition have all been fairly prompt, crediting the account within minutes. Once you see it move from “pending” in your wallet if you ask them to check on your deposit it will be credited (in my experience so far anyway.) This is not the case with Deckmedia casinos who aren’t seeming to manage it as well. Their time limit goes up to a 90 minute wait, and if you ask anything about it before that time, they tell you to wait the 90 minutes. Also, Deckmedia casino’s will adjust your balance depending on the fluctuation of bitcoin. Bitcoin has increased over 300% in the last year, yet every one of my deposits seems to be credited at a lesser amount then I had requested. Not overly significant amount of money, but I would like to make the point that Bovada casino group is handling bitcoin much better than Deckmedia. Although, I can get bitcoin withdraw through Deckmedia (I haven’t tried this,) which is a plus to bitcoin users that Bovada isn’t yet offering.

    The link to the depositor secret shopper program application wasn’t functional for me but I would like to participate. It sounds like a fun experience and I am very knowledgeable about the industry for a USA player. If you found this comment to be sufficiently grammatically eloquent for your blogs please email me an application or functioning link and expect my return to you promptly.

    • Hi Dustin. Thank you so much for the bitcoin information. I am new to bitcoin myself, and intend to write up some instructional guides for our community. I’m emailing you and would love to have you in our secret shopper program!

      • Dustin nieder says

        I’m glad I left this comment Keith! Google searches for Dustin Nieder now no longer paint me as a person who may have an interesting background when criminal records are uncovered until you scroll to results page two! I’ve enjoyed shopping for you so far too! Ha.

        Dustin Nieder
        Aka discodustin

      • Awesome bro. We do what we can. Now everyone will just know you are a bitcoin gambling degenerate. :)

  3. I wanted to be part of that program to Keith ! Whatever happened to that we discussed it years ago.Im still interested in doing that program still.

    • I honestly can’t remember where we left off DJ. If I remember correctly, it was a little hard to get you paid. We had to use moneygram, right? I’ve actually gotten a lot better at using moneygram, with a number of transactions to and from gaming sites using it. Shoot an email over to me and remind me and let’s start that conversation back up.

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