Casino Promos for Valentines 2017

Lots of goodies as usual! Here is a quick mix of freerolls, free chips and nice bonuses to celebrate “Love Day” 2017!

Red Stag – $11 Free Chip + $1500 Freeroll
(Free Account at Red Stag)
New players at Red Stag will get the $11 free chip, credited to your account at registration. No need to make a purchase for this bonus.
Valentines Day 2017 Casino Bonuses
1. Sign up at Red Stag
2. Visit the cashier and claim coupon code FREE11

Max cashout is $150, and wager requirements are 50x. Don’t know what all that means? Email me!

“A Fistful of Chips” $1500 FREEROLL TOURNAMENT is open to everyone!

Slot Game: Caribbean Gold
Tournament runs from Feb. 9th to February 15th.
Entry is FREE
You can rebuy for $3 a pop.
The total prize pool is $1500 and they will be paying out to 50 winners.

Desert Nights – $50 Free Chip
(Free Account at Desert Nights)

Desert Nights is passing out $50 free chips to all players who make a deposit in February. With the ease of bitcoin deposits, this will be an easy (and cheap!) bonus to cash in on. Simply deposit and use bonus code 50REWARD. Max cashout on winnings for this free chip is $250. The games that are allowed for the bonus chip are slots, scratch and keno, so make sure to play the right games and avoid your bonus getting voided!

Big Valentine Tournament – Miami Club
(Free Account at Miami Club)
Get an account at Miami Club and start with a $10 free chip. Link: Miami Club $10 Free

I’m currently top 10. Sadly, most of the prize money is at the top. $1500 for first place. Wow! This is a buy in tournament.

Tourney is on the appropriate choice of “Doctor Love”.
Tournament runs until February 19th.
Buy in is $5. If you bust, rebuys are also $5.
Total prize pool is $2000.

Psst… if you have read this far down and want to try to join me on the leaderboard at Miami Club or jump on the $50 free chip at Desert Nights, please like or share this post, and then email me. I have some bitcoin gifts to pass out for V-day!


  1. Thanks for this new list Keith.
    checked the Miami Club tournament, looks like they are cheating a bit by setting this 1st place prize with 3/4 of total prize money and probably setting a “home” player to win it in the end =)
    Let me know if there will be any new betting promos or bitcoin gifts (heh), I’m eager to win the 1BTC from cloudbet, last time made 0.2BTC and lost on NCAAB Gators game when I bet over 72.5 points (they made 71 with 42 in 2nd half)

    • Hi Kadfael,

      Yea, I am not a fan of tournaments that stack the prize pool so much at the top. I think is a pretty stupid thing to do, because once a player hits a big win and is so far ahead, nobody else has much incentive to play.

      Man, I would love to win 1 BTC anywhere! It’s nearing its all time high. $1080 per btc as of a few minutes ago.

      Good luck with your sport bets! March Madness is right around the corner. :)

  2. Michelle Hardwick says

    I’m gonna join the Miami club tournament and check out desert nights. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    • Michelle Hardwick says

      Oh I have to add onto my email. Hope you had a great day!!

      • V-day was fun. We always include our kids. We went to see Lego Batman movie. My wife and I always wait a few days to do a “date night”. Just a lot easier to get in and out of restaurants.

    • Thanks Michelle!

      I am holding onto 3rd place on the “Blood Money” tournament. It would be $100 win, for only $15 invested. (I did the buyin, plus 2 rebuys). Still ~6 days left though, so probably drop down, but I am happy with $50 win for $15 in.

  3. Disco Dustin Nieder says

    OMG you got me a Valentine? Of course I will tell the world. NDB + DiscoD = 4EVR. K? TTYL. Have a great summer! C U NXT YR. 2COOL 2B 4GOTTEN.

    Link shared to FB. BTC 4 Club Miami please. How was my millennial texting effort? Authentic? Made me sick to write and still not exactly sure where that came from. ha.

    BTC Wallet: 15iqQne7JzjwXwH4SpaxEcp8sJ4rru76g2

    • LOL @ Disco! If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were fresh outta college with the text speak. I have got to learn it. My kids are going to be teenagers before I know it.

  4. Very nice once again Keith! Hope you have a great day!

  5. hello Keith,

    thank u so much for the tourney money. i really apriciate it😀.
    one question….. under what alias are u playing.

    πŸ‘πŸ‘ really luv this forum.
    Frenky S.

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