Denver Broncos FTW! $$$ Giveaway

My Arizona Cardinals prop bet was a pretty big disappointment. I plan to make a few wagers on Super Bowl 50, and I want to open this to community suggestions. I have two wagers on right now, taking Denver +6 and Peyton Manning as the MVP. Here’s what is in it for you.

Any Profits are Given Away!

Help me bet smart and any net profit will go to our community via the usual drawings. I plan to donate a prize minimum of $100, so even if we draw a blank, it will be fun and worth your time if my fingers find your name in this old fashioned top hat drawing. We don’t have to bet smart. I’m all for just having fun with it.

Final Update! Denver Wins! I made a winning bet or two. See below. Our drawing winners were StacyD, Maxime, KiddHype and FunSeeker!

My list of winning bets were:
$13 for gatorade being orange.
$5 for Lady Gaga singing under 2:20
$2 for Manning not announcing retirement
$8.70 for panthers making the first coach’s challenge
$19.05 Broncos for the win!

Total win of only $47.75, so we’ll give out the $100 minimum prize drawing. Thanks to everyone who participated! We had ~40 members toss in comments on facebook, here on the post, twitter and G+. It made the game entertaining from the singing of the National Anthem, all the way to when the Broncos almost got that safety in the 4th quarter!

Here’s how to participate.

Comment with your betting suggestions. You can comment here at the bottom of this post, or on our facebook or google+ page. Please check Bovada / Bodog for prop bet suggestions (USA and Canada only, unfortunately).

Is your name in the hat? Check the spreadsheet! Entries List. If you are not on that list, please comment with your betting advice or opinions!

Bovada has over 500 prop bets, and that’s where I’m making my wagers. USA residents can access Bovada and Canadians can access Bodog.

Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets

Not from the USA or Canada? You can still participate! Just comment with your betting suggestion on prop bets I post here. Please watch this post. I’ll update with prop suggestions and get everyone’s feedback. Here are a couple to give feedback on immediately and will get your name in the hat:

– Toss will be Heads or Tails? Obviously a fun bet here, and certainly no drawn out drama.
– Will Denver convert a 4th down? Will Carolina convert a 4th down? Both bets are even! I think the team that is losing has a lot better chance of converting a 4th down, since they’ll be the ones going for it on 4th down!

(An “EVEN” bet means that if I bet $10 and win, I get $20. My $10 wager, plus $10 winnings).

Updated Bets! Here’s my current list and how much each would win:

Broncos will succesfully complete a 4th down. $10
Points = OVER 45.0 $18.18
YES there will be a safety in the game. $60
First offensive play will be a penalty. $100
First coaches challenge = Panthers. $8.70
MVP = Manning. $55
Broncos +6. $19.05
Archie Manning shown OVER 1.5 = $10
Elway shown OVER 2.5 = $10
Liquid color on winning coach (ORANGE) = $13
Will a backup QB take a snap (YES) = $20
Lady Gaga sings UNDER 2:20 = $5
Left Shark WILL make an appearance = $100
Coin Toss HEADS = $9.52
Peyton Manning will NOT announce ret. = $2

100+ entries and I’ll give away $200.

Share, email a friend, like, etc. – If we get to 100+ unique entries, I’ll bump the minimum up to $200. So even if our net winnings from our genius bets fail us, you guys will still have a shot at some lunch money. I’ll keep a spreadsheet and share it here as usual, so you guys can keep up with our progress.

Why did I take Denver +6?

I picked Denver mainly because of a NFL prediction tracker site that I like to follow, predicts a closer game than 6 points, and some of the better pickers (Dan Hanson) have Denver winning outright.

Here is a screenshot of my current meager $20 bets on the Broncos and Manning.

Peyton Manning Super Bowl 50 MVP Bet

Go Broncos (or whoever and whatever crazy bets you guys help me decide on)!


  1. Result of the first play: 10-1 for Penalty
    First Penalty of the game 9-1 Unsportsmanlike or Personal Foul
    Will any team score 4 times unanswered : 2.4-1 Yes

    • Thanks for the suggestions Aaron. I like the first play bets. Any thoughts on those, or just a gut feeling?

      A team to score 4 times unanswered means we are looking at a possible blowout, no? Are you thinking the Panthers are going to handle the Broncos in a similar fashion to the Panthers – Cardinals game?

      EDIT! I went ahead and put $10 on the “first play a penalty”, so if that one wins, we score $100. I also found a prop bet for which coach makes the first challenge. Panther’s coach challenges a LOT more than the Broncos, so I put $10 on Rivera challenging first.

      • On the first play my thought is emotion will run high making a penalty more likely

        I do see a Panther beat down and their games have been blowouts early and then comebacks so 4 scores in a row seem very likely

      • Makes sense. 10:1 would be a nice payout too.

    • The final result is what matters. You don’t need a crystal ball to predict the Denver Broncos have already won!
      Go Broncos

  2. angerisagift says

    i got Cam throws 3 tds +600 and boesnt throw a int at +130 on the betting site i use

    • What’s up Junior! Bovada doesn’t have individual player props yet, but they usually have a ton nearer game time. The tear that Cam has been on makes me think that 3 td’s +600 is a pretty good bet. Granted the Broncos defense is lights out, better than the Cardinals, but that guy has just looked incredible. I remember when he was playing at Auburn, he looked like a man among boys at times. That seems to have translated over into the NFL these last few weeks.

  3. Definetly the Broncos !!! Go Broncos !!

  4. Veronika Bejsovcova says

    I also chose Denver also winner,mainly because overreaction a high scoring win . 2-16 ATS and averaging 11+ ppg teams are just 43-80 ATS.

  5. George B III says

    Well Keith
    Obviously with MANNINGS’ previous SUPER BOWL EXPERIENCE your BRONCOS BET
    is an easy WIN ! PUT $100. on DENVER and CELEBRATE YOUR WIN !

    • Love the enthusiasm George. :) – I really think the Broncos have a chance, but I’ll be honest; Manning’s super bowl experience is something that makes me nervous. The last time the Broncos were in the super bowl against the Seahawks, I took Denver, and it was a disaster from the very first play, with the shotgun snap going through Peyton’s hands. On the other hand, with so much focus on Cam Newton and how he is supposed to be God’s gift to the QB position, maybe there will be a lot less pressure on Manning and he’ll shine. Crossing my fingers!

  6. one safety and one missed extra point.

    • Hi Jim. I don’t see a ‘missed extra point’ option, but I did take the “will there be a safety in the game” as YES at 6:1. Both teams can be pretty pass-happy, and Manning certainly doesn’t move around a lot. It would be hard to get Newton down in the endzone, but who knows. Broncos defense is dang solid.

  7. Bruce Budd says

    Peyton Manning definitely the MVP and he goes out a winner just like John Elway did!

  8. Bruce Budd says

    Here is another proposition that from Bovada, will Peyton Manning announces retirement post game? Yes + 500 no – 1000 I’m taking the No

  9. gina pangnhia vue says

    too bad this year i havent really been keeping up with football, so i cant really give any opinions.bu just for personal preference,i also hope that the broncos will win too.

  10. Jerry gass says

    I think Denver will take the win this year!!!

  11. I told u denver and OVER!! cant go wrong!!

  12. I’m routing for Denver, but I”m thinking Panthers but not to cover the spread, so under 6

  13. REC ur emai regarding subject beow! im not really a football fan, but ilove the money part, ps enter me in ur contest. thank you

    I am drawing for a minimum $100, and up to $200+ after the Super Bowl next Sunday (2-7-16).

  14. pamela kitajo says

    well this is hard for me Ive been a seattle seahawks fan since early 80s. But I am going to have to go with broncos by 3.. I hope that I did ok on your blog but you said you just wanted to hear from us. Its not as fun for me as it was. 5 years ago I had 4 disks replaced in my kneck becouse Ive had systemic RH since I was a child. During surgery I had multible strokes from an unknown heart birth defect. I had multible strokes my front heart opened up wide as soon as my coratic was moved for the disk replacement. I remember nothing Im told that no one was told I was sent home a day later the drs knowing but my loved ones not thru that night Im told I tossed turned very vilently next morning I was paralized blind and deaf on right side many organs very injured. This was in AZ not my beloved seattle. Im sorry Im a stroketard and start bla bla blaing just enjoy superbowl enjoy your loved ones enjoy your life have a great superbowl to all

  15. I truly think Denver has what its take, +6 and over 45.

  16. Rosalind kelly says

    Carolina 27 Denver 24 overtime
    cam will show out

  17. maxime lajeunesse says

    good luck on the bet , i dont know much about sports :(

    • Aww, poker is a sport, Maxime, and you’re well qualified on that front! Well, at least its as sporting as golf, right? (no offense to anyone… just messing around!)

  18. I’ll watch the Super Bowl as much for the TV ads as the action!

    I’ll be glad when football is over so we can get back to talking about poker! ;-)

    I parlayed a free $5 at Carbon Poker courtesy of Keith and NDB into over $700, and cashed out $300 before losing the rest back to them. They took ten weeks to pay, but they did indeed pay!

    • Thanks Art. Yea, those ads are as much talked about as the game I think. Maybe more. :) – After this is over, I’ll try to get some poker stuff going. Hard to these days with all the segmentation between countries. Stay tuned!

  19. I wouldn’t put a lot of hope on Manning getting the job done. I really think the panthers will take it down!
    But I want to see coachkf win this! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for him!

  20. Go Broncos! Thanks Again!

  21. Hi there,

    as for the tips, my suggestions:
    1. Panthers will win the bowl
    2. MVP = Manning
    3. Total Over 42.5

  22. I am predicting the Carolina Panthers to win their first Lombardi
    Trophy. I like the team and their leaders. This will be a great Super
    Bowl and Panthers will get it !

    • Hi Nelea! How have you been? We are on opposing sides on this one, but I’m glad to see you in our drawing. :) – Carolina is a bit closer to me and I’ve always been an NFC fan from when I was kid and a Falcons fan. But…gotta go with my Tennessee roots and Peyton Manning this time around.

  23. Broncos have to win!!! I am not placing any bets but if i was to it would be for the broncos. Thanks for the great contest Keith!

    • Great choice as it turns out Shawn. Who would have thought the Broncos’ defense would lock up the Panthers so well? Great game and shows that defense can still win championships.

  24. mark pechac says

    i like the onside kick recovered and 2 point conversion attempt made

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