Free $10 Stakes at Intertops

Bitcoin converts! Come one, come all (while my bitcoins last!). Free $10 stakes at Intertops. Read the rules, caveats and some info on Intertops below. I am looking forward to seeing the No Deposit Bonus crew in Intertops events and poker tables! Consider this a Merry Christmas Gift from me!

Create an account at Intertops. It’s Free.

Who gets the $10?

I am giving preference to players who are new to Intertops. We get credit for referring new players, and we gotta pay the bills, after all! That being said, I can be convinced, if you are a loyal contributor here. You know who you are (we have probably emailed back and forth at least a few times). Just email me and ask.

Post a reply below. I love interaction on the blog, not just email conversations! So many times we are able to discuss things that visitors and other members find valuable. Take, for instance, one of our members finding that a recent casino we were staking at allowed bitcoin deposits, but not withdrawals. Blah. Helped move us on to another bitcoin casino to stake at!

So, bottom line:
1. Create an account at Intertops
2. Reply on this post and/or email me.
3. You will need to be on our email list, so I can contact you when you win stuff. Link-ity-link: No Deposit Newsletter

Intertops in a nut-shell

They are the oldest online gaming site. You have access to their classic casino and sportsbook, as well as newer cutting edge casino and sportsbook applications. There is also poker. It’s a great one-stop shop, no matter what your gambling preference is. Top that off with one of the best reputations in the gaming world, and I think this $10 freebie stake is a steal. Though, can you really steal free stuff?

Given how much bonus abuse is lurking, and my limited bitcoin balance, this could go fast. Be quick!

Sign up at Intertops

Fantastic welcome offers at Intertops!


  1. James Erickson says

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year NDB!!!!!!!!! I am like a month old new at Intertops, and would so appreciate the 10$!!!! I have been a really good boy all year……

  2. Sweet!!!

  3. Thank you Keith for all of the great gifts and giveaways at NDB, Happy Holidays! Unfortunately I’m not new there, I’ve been a member at Interops for years, but haven’t had the chance to play there much lately. I’d love the opportunity to get back on their poker tables and give it a shot! Best of luck to all!

    • Great to see you Jay. Email me bud. Most of the players who have contacted me are existing Intertops players. Its an old old site, so lots of players already have accounts there. I still have some bitcoin. Do you use that currency?

      • Yes I do, sorry for the delay, been busy! Emailing you now!

      • Got it. $11 sent. Good luck at Intertops. Not a bad time to have a small balance, with the Super Bowl coming up. There should be some interesting prop bets with good payouts, if you don’t want to just pick a winner and double up. Good luck with the $11!

  4. Richard Young says

    I would like to thank you and wish you happy holidays..and good

  5. ashley carvalho says

    yes i think that bitcoin is really good for the poker player. its good because you can get your withdrawl really quik and everybody is happy


  6. Kevin Johnson says

    I love playing Intertops, When most players i know are playing crazy tourneys on bigger sites i love coming to intertops for a cool chill game, sometimes you gotta really take your time but in the end intertops is my home.

  7. Aleksandr Goltvyanitsa says

    Its Aleks, I already have an account there at Intertops unfortunately… but i would love to be a part of this promo as well.. Glad to see things are going great.. Hope this site continues to grow.

    Aleks V Legacy

    BTC Address: 14iBs8hE26LvgApTMaQQb2zPEV6UhWZ8Db

    • $11 sent to your bitcoin wallet Aleks. Good luck sir! Sorry for the delay.. holidays and all. :)

      I got the flu for Christmas. Type B, so not as bad as Type A, but still felt like crap for a week!

  8. William Hull says

    Intertops was one of the first sites I signed up on way back in 2009 when I first learned about online poker. I have never had a problem there with making either VISA or Bitcoin deposits. I enjoy the wide variety of poker games, slots, and slots tournaments they have to offer. From time to time in addition to sending me matching funds bonuses they will also send No Deposit Bonus codes for me to use with no problem. I would recommend Intertops to anyone looking for a place to play.

    If you have any left over after all the new sign ups I would appreciate a $10 stake. Would definitely help with a tournament I’m playing right now for sure. Thanks for the offer and Merry Christmas from me too.

  9. Dustin Nieder says

    Hey Keith! I’m down for a $10. The holidays have me strapped and when my initial December deposits didnt go so well, the casinos started wondering where Ive been. Ha

    My acct there is dnieder if you need it

  10. denise massie says

    hello there keith,
    i am definitely interested in the $10 poker bonus at intertops poker to give their poker software and games a whirl if at all still available and we can get it setup and going… that’d be awesome. anyways, my intertops name is “f1shNch1ps” and i just signed up thru the link here on your page. ty 4 the oppurtunity and im looking forward to trying to run that $10 up! thanks again.

    denise massie

    • Hi Denise,

      Emailing you. Do you have bitcoin? It’s the only way to deposit a small amount like $10. :) – Even if you have never used bitcoin, I can get you setup and money sent in under 10 minutes.

  11. Victoria Pujia says

    Well I received an email.. No bitcon s Vpujia33

    • Hi Victoria,

      I need to know a bitcoin wallet to send to. I just added you on G+. Please email me and let me know your wallet address and I’ll send the bitcoin for you to deposit on Intertops. Good luck!

  12. I am already on your mailing list and a customer at intertops.

    • Hi Fulson,

      Thank you for being a loyal member of our community! Email me a bitcoin wallet address and I’ll ship the $10 to deposit. Happy New Year!

  13. Michelle Hardwick says

    Hey Kieth, I won $190@Miami Club on the last give away you did on the month long Tiger Tournament, so I’d love to play Intertops too. Please send me the $10 Bitcoin you’re offering. Thanks

    • Michelle Hardwick says

      I responded to your post and sent you an email, may I ask about when you might choose the participants of this promotion? I’m anxious to play!

    • So awesome to hear you won, Michelle! I tried to send the bitcoin, but the address you emailed me said “invalid” when I tried to send $11 there.

      Email me back with a valid bitcoin wallet and I’ll try again. :)

  14. Katerina Pavlatkova says

    Hi please $ 10 free. At Intertops I have an account. My ID is
      Hi and thank you

  15. Thanks for the $10..k was very dissapointed with the nd bonus world when i found out none of the poker rooms give u free money..well i think and i bope i can play holdem with this 10 we will see..

    • Heya,

      No deposit poker is going the way of the dinosaur, unfortunately. Still lots of free offers for casino, bingo, etc., but they are few and far between in poker and sports these days. This $10 staking deal is legit though, because it’s coming out of my own bitcoin stash. Emailing you. If you have a bitcoin wallet, the $11 is yours.

  16. Hey Keith,
    Has anyone claimed this bonus yet? I’m not a new member at intertops being as I frequent many online casinos, especially ones that have mobile access for the tournament’s! We conversed recently through email about the december Miami club tournament entry. I didn’t have any luck this go around but I did notice that your still on the leaderboard! I hope you end up winning, seeing a familiar name on the list gives me hope on future tourneys. If you feel up to it I’ll be glad to join in on intertops as well, Once the newcomers have gotten their claim first of course. :)

  17. Kevin Johnson says

    Hey i just got an email about this, but no reply after i sent my info

    • $12 sent! Bitcoin start dropping, thanks to the Chinese currency manipulation (Yuan goes up, bitcoin goes down…) – But should still be at least the $10 needed for deposit. Good luck!

  18. Hi I’m brand spanking new to intertops this would be a great way to check it out!

  19. Have sent you an email, hope this is still available. Thanks =-)

  20. Pleaseeeer give me some bitcoin to play with. I’m new to intertops!

    • Hi Chad – Happy to work something out here. The Intertops offer is getting some dust on it. I am thinking about doing a ‘free bets for the superbowl’ deal. Interested in that? I’ll probably post that up this week if folks seem interested. Please email me directly. Also, let me know which email you will be using. I have two comments. One with an AIM addy and the other Yahoo.

  21. Chad Shaffer says

    I would love to be added and given this thank you!!! I hope im not too late or doing this wrong! im new to this casino as well!!! Appreciate it!

  22. Hi please email me the 10 free at intertops..ty

    • Emailed you Alice. This offer is getting a little dusty, but new signups through our link at Intertops are great, so I am not against honoring it. We may do a free Super Bowl bet deal soon, and Intertops would be a great place to run it. Check your inbox!

  23. Kevin Suess says

    I didn’t even notice this promo. Have thoroughly enjoyed playing the freer ills at this site since I registered roughly 10 days ago. Did use your link from the other promo. Anxious to get a bitcoin account setup so I can deposit.

  24. Chad Shaffer says

    Thanks man! im sorry im horrible at consistently checking anything online. I do check…but I have ADHD and I could find a shiny set of car keys or decide im going to build something in the garage at any given point i might have some down time to actually check. haha. Too many ideas…and only two arms and two legs to accomplish them all.

    • LOL @ ADHD. I am confident I have ADD, or at least a touch. Over time, I have learned how to focus on what people are saying and not let my mind wander, but yea… its part of why I finished with a 3.5 GPA instead of a 4.0, I am sure. So many times I would “come to” during a test and realize I had been lost in a day dream kicked off by a word problem for the past 20 minutes….

      Oh, and posting super bowl freebies here in a minute. Go Falcons!

      • Chad Shaffer says

        lol Oh I’ve done that plenty of times. I think my adderall makes me too focused on some things though. Ill take something so small and by the end of the complication infused hyper theory of a thought process ill have turned a thimble of a thought into a rubix cube. Isn’t there a happy medium somewhere? Id like to focus but the mental strain of continuous critical thinking is going to catch up to me and fry my entire brain one day. If i ever just grunt and grumble on here…you’ll know. hahaha

      • I never took meds for it. I really should have in high school though, methinks. :)

        That being said, I typically overthink without any help, so the meds would probably be the end of me!

  25. Anthony Haren says

    hey! you can reach me at, would love to play intertops poker with your help! Lets start a new team guys!

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