Free Bet for NBA Finals 2017

NBA Finals 2017 is here, and its (yet again) the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. the Golden State Warriors. Last year I actually made a decent profit betting on the Cavs. As I am typing this post, it is at the end of first quarter action and the Warriors are up 35-30. A good game so far! We have a $10 free bet at GT Bets and I confirmed with our contact there that you can use the $10 free bet to wager on the NBA finals!

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Betting Angles

If you do some research, it can really give you an edge and a shot at making money and not just guessing and hoping. Here are a couple of tips to consider!

The Cavaliers are undefeated ATS (against the spread) when playing on the road. The Warriors meanwhile, are only 2 wins, 4 losses against the spread at home in the playoffs. If this continues, then it would be a good idea to bet on the Cavaliers when they are playing at Golden State.

The Warriors and Cavs have met 19 times in the past 3 years. Of those meetings, only one game went over 226.5 points. That was the over/under betting for game 1! So a smart bet would be to take the “under”. (Granted, after first quarter action, game one is on a torrid pace! At this rate, the final combined points would be 260!)…

Post Your Betting Tips! (Win $20)

Leave me a comment with who you think will win and any betting tips you can think of. I know some of you are major sports junkies and have to have some good knowledge that is better than coin flip betting ideas. Please share!

There is something in it for you. I am giving away $20 stakes at your favorite sportsbooks. I’ll draw at the conclusion of the NBA Finals 2017.

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NBA Finals 2017 Drawing

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NBA Finals 2017 Free Bet


  1. Dustin Nieder says

    Rooting for golden state but getting Cavs. Sorry, it’s money. I’d bet against my own mother if I had to. Not that she would make the finals, horrible at basketball.


    • LOL. My mom just bought a basketball goal, no joke, and she is 60+. Loves to play HORSE with the grandkids. :)

      Good luck DiscoDustin!

  2. Aaron Lambert says

    Looks like this will get ugly and close out quickly…. I’ll take GS in game 2 regardless of the line

    • Yea man, what seemed like a close game in the 1st, really blew wide open.

      I dunno though. Cav’s play pretty well in Cleveland. I think they will make a series of it, but I think they are much bigger underdogs this year.

  3. GS in 5-6 games this year in my opinion.

  4. Great to see these offers for the big games, Unfortunately I already have a gt account after signing up here for the superbowl offer but as a Kiwi i love seeing these offers and reminders about the big games. As an outsider who mainly only watches OKC during the regular season (I actually went to school with Steven Adams, albeit he was a couple of years below me but a giant that everyone seemed to know and is now a sporting hero here in NZ), I felt it was inevitable that we would see a Cavs/GSW finals series with GSW winning it after their heartbreak last year. In saying that I would love to see LBJ step it and make it competitive and give themselves a good chance of winning against the overpowered GSW (Yep, i am still angry about Durant leaving OKC for GSW lol).

    • Hi Sam,

      Thanks for the thoughts! Golden State adding Durant was just sick for a team that was already the best. Folks are comparing this rivalry to Celtics / Lakers, but if game 1 was any indication, the ref’s should step in and stop this fight early, as the Cav’s are going to be a bloody mess.

      Here’s hoping for a more competitive game 2.

      Interesting that you went to school with Steven Adams! We see these guys are larger than life celebs, but at one point, they were just a high school kid with dreams. :)

  5. I believe that KD wanting his first NBA Title will be the determining factor in this series. LeBron has already got the rings. I predict Golden State in 6 games. I think GS loses one at home, wins one on the road. Now if I only knew which ones those were going to be! :)

  6. barbara jo says

    Im going to go with the under in the next game for sure , maybe in every game left .

    • Hi Barb,

      I responded your facebook comment on this as well. I think you are right. Game # 2 is right now sitting at over/under of 221. I think the under is probably the smartest bet to take, at least for now.

  7. raymond whitehouse says

    I think game 2 will be a lot closer , going to take the cavs and the points . would love to see the cavs win outright .seems like a very hard task though .

  8. Looking at Golden State to win!! It will be close tho!! Thanks again for the chance to get in the hat.

  9. Hey Keith, I don’t know too much about basketball so I will take your advice and go for the Cavaliers! My best betting tip is don’t always bet on the favorite I have been burned enough times doing that, take a chance on the underdog once in awhile.

    • Heh, well, you might want to ignore my advice after Game 1. I still like the “under” bet, and hopefully I don’t jinx us by saying so out loud.

      And I agree on betting the underdog. If you are good at finding underdogs who have a legit chance, you can certainly show a betting profit.

  10. Michelle Hardwick says

    Well I’m a Golden State Warriors fan from way back. Loved Don Nelson, and rarely missed a game when I lived in the Bay Area. Lucked out getting several tickets from unused season tickets a business associate never used. So for those reasons alone I have to pick Golden State. Not a sound betting guideline, but it works for me!

    • A good choice it turns out, Michelle. No nail biter this year. Golden State dominated except for the one gem that Cleveland put together when they pretty much hit everything they threw at the goal. :)

  11. scott golden says

    well it pretty much looks like its over now , golden state will win this last game by double digits , id take the under too

    • Heh, hind sight is 20/20 of course, but turns out you missed on both. Cleveland won game 4, and won it handily with massive points, so it ended up being over. It just prolonged the agony, of course…

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