Free Bets for Super Bowl LI

You guys know how I love my Super Bowls! Last year I won a nice bit by choosing the Broncos. This year I am for the Atlanta Falcons, and no doubt they will be the underdogs. Good news! We have a couple of sites that give our members and visitors a free bet upon registration. No purchase needed! I am also going to be offering some bitcoin giveaways to deposit at some of our favorite online sportsbooks.

Free Football Bet - Super Bowl LI

Free Bets for Super Bowl LI

That is Super Bowl 51 to the non-Romans in the room. There are two sites that offer free sports bets upon registration. Here are quick details and signup links.

$10 free bet at GT Bets

Use my link: GTbets Free $10 Bet
Register an Account.
Login and you will get a pop-up for a “Free $10 Bet Offer”

$5 free bet at Intertops (USA and Canada Only)

Go here: $5 Intertops Free Bet. This is an exclusive that we were given by Intertops and it is still good.

Register. Contact live chat support. Ask them for this bonus: 5FORFREE

Bitcoin Giveaway – Deposited at your Favorite Sportsbook!

Winners have been drawn! Congrats to the 10 winners, and I hope your $20 in bets turns into a nice profit. I am giving away free consolation prizes to everyone who participated. Email me and I will send some bitcoin your way!

Winners Highlighted in RED on this spreadsheet!

I am giving away 10 x $20 bitcoin prizes to be deposited to your choice of several online bookies. This is going to be a simple drawing. I am keeping the entries on a google spreadsheet. Here is a link. Please double check to see your name there!
Super Bowl Drawing Entries

Here’s how to enter:

1. Register an account at one of these sites. (We gotta keep the lights on around here…)

Link: Bovada (USA Only) – My personal favorite sportsbook for years now.
Link: Betonline – This was a pretty hot sportsbook when they launched and they still have a solid site and offers.

2. For your first entry, just share this post with someone. I don’t care how. We have some easy social sharing links on the right side of the page here, ie. facebook likes, stumbleupon, etc.

3. Get a second entry! Comment below and let us know who you are betting on and why. Maybe you have a special angle, like you are the one deflating the footballs for Brady this year. Do tell!

Email me and let me know your nickname at Bovada or Betonline, and tell me how how you shared. I’ll get your name on the drawing spreadsheet.

Drawing, Friday, February 3, 2017! That will give you plenty of time to get deposited and place your wagers.

Super Bowl LI is Sunday, February 5th at 6:30 Eastern Time. It’s the New England Patriots vs. the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons were my favorite NFL team growing up, before Tennessee finally got some pro sports teams! Excited to see them at least have a shot.

Looking forward to those shares and new faces here in the community as a result!


  1. I am gonna have to bet The Patriots. Don’t want to but they just have too much time to prepare and their leadership is just too smart. Pats win and the over for pts and yardage!

    • Thanks Geoff, for your comment and betting plans! I am going to check Bovada tonight for the odd ball bets. They should post them soon, if not already. I enjoy the crazy stuff like over/under on the time that the national anthem singer will go…

  2. Keith always has great promotions, even for a second class citizen like me that shuns social media!

    What about all of us who are already registered at Bovada, Intertops and BetOnLine?

    • Happy to make exceptions for old time members like yourself Art. If you can share our site with someone, and you win a draw, I’ll make sure you get the $20. :)

  3. After watching NE destroy my team (Steelers) i have liked them to win all week but now i’m tempted to try for glory by going for the upset and hoping the falcons can dish out some punishment. Superbowls often seem to throw up suprises. Unfortunately i appear to already have a betonline account but snagged the GTbets superbowl freebet earlier.

    • Revenge would be sweet. I would have been ok with a Steelers vs. Packers super bowl. Very throw-back. I can’t complain about the Falcons making a rare trip though. I am surprised they are only a 3 point dog. Patriots just seem like “the champs”, year in and year out…

      • Yea, they only show 1 or 2 games here (in NZ) a week so i only catch the odd game every now and then until the business end of the comp but from what I’ve seen they play well. Still, wern’t the panthers a big underdog to win it last year?

      • Hi Sam. The Broncos were actually the underdogs last year. It was a pleasant surprise, especially for us Tennessee / Peyton Manning fans, to see him go out on top.

  4. Amy Melissa Bunt says

    I’m betting for ATL Falcons, because I read this post and not sure who to bet on as so I’m gonna go with Keith’s choice.. LOL….I hope my strategy pays off!!! Thanks for this promo. You always hook us up. Thanks!

    • Good luck Amy! I hope I didn’t steer you wrong. At least you are getting 3 points by betting Atlanta. :) – I am also betting the over. With as many points as these teams put up (Close to 70 points combined average), I think there is a good chance it will go over the 59.5 that is currently the over/under.

  5. I just posted my tweets and sent you an email. Hope I did it right. I’m probably going with the Patriots myself but will most likely just use the old coin flip method there at the final minute to make my decision for me. Since I don’t follow football that’ll probably be just as good a way as any to pick a winner.

    • Hi William. Got you in for 2 entries, and yes, I agree that flipping a coin is just about as good as anything else. 3 points is not a big margin. Most of the money is coming in on the Patriots, -3 and the OVER 58.5, from what I have read…

  6. Aaron Lambert says

    My pick would be the Patriots
    First TD Blount
    MVP Chris Hogan (I like the long shots)

    • Haha, I like the long shots too Aaron. My long shot bets:

      First penalty = pass interference
      First turnover = interception
      first offensive play = pass
      first score = falcons touchdown

      I’ll probably put some money on the national anthem length… Good luck!

  7. DiscoDustin says

    Sports betting often has adjusted odds based on the way people are betting. If you feel you know the sport better than the media and disagree with what they forecast, it’s time to strike. Bet big and cash out, while impressing your friends with you knowledge of football, or competitive darts, horse racing, you name it. I bet falchons on this one.

    • Hope you are right! I use a site called ‘thepredictiontracker’ to help me make educated guesses. It’s not great, but at least makes me feel better about my bets, heh.

  8. Something tells me Brady and the Pats pull it off somehow, but I just can’t see betting against the Falcons getting points. Their offense has just been unbelievable this year. I think I’ll load up on a teaser with the Falcons and the over! Best of luck everyone!

    And thanks Keith for yet another great offer!

    • Word to you mama on the OVER! Both teams have excellent offenses, but defenses that are pretty average. From what I understand, this is the highest OVER/UNDER of any super bowl.

      Since its so hyped, it’ll probably end up something like 10-6. I also believe the best chance for snow is when they aren’t calling for it though, so maybe I’m just broken.

  9. Chris A. Smith says

    I am betting on the Patriots for the following reasons:

    a. Brady get will get revenge against Roger Goodell for suspension/deflategate.
    b, Coach Belichick will take away Julio Jones like he did Antonio Brown.
    c. Super Bowl experience goes to Patriots.
    d. Patriots avg 28 pts a game, Atlanta avg 33 pts a game. (Pats can keep pace).
    e. Patriots defense 8th best in the league vs Atlanta 25th.
    f. Offense wins Conference Championships. Defense wins Super Bowls.
    g. Did I mention they have Tom Brady.

    • Thanks for the well laid out thoughts Chris. I am hoping the Falcons surprise, but I agree with all of your points and really think the Patriots deserve their favorite status. I am kind of surprised its only -3 though. I figured the line would have moved another point or two in their direction by now.

  10. I think I will bet the underdog too, always a better return on investment :P

  11. Michelle Hardwick says

    I’m gonna go with Atlanta. I’ve never been a Patriots fan. I’m hoping for at least a little excitement on this one. At least with a few bucks on the line it will spice things up a notch. Good luck everyone!

    • I’m not a Patriots fan either. Apologies in advance to all the Patriots fans. Maybe its because they have won it so much? Everyone hates the champ, right?

  12. For this SuperBowl I’ll have to go with Patriots.
    They seems like a stronger team with better key players.
    I expect them to win and even cover +7 handi.

    • Thanks for weighing in Kadfael. I like how Atlanta spreads it out, and even though they have some great key players, they don’t depend on the same 3 or 4 guys every game.

      I agree that the Patriots are hard to bet against though. Maybe the OVER is the best I should focus on…

  13. My pick for the SuperBowl is Falcons !
    I believe they will win and beat Patriots.
    I also think that the game will get over 60 combined.
    Good luck all.

  14. My betonline name is B1636339, I definitely have to go with Brady and Bellicheck. The angle is that Bellicheck is a beast at coming up with team specific game plans and he will do just that. The falcons are a serious contender but it just won’t be enough. Hope to hear from you soon!

  15. Aleks V Legacy (Playaboii) says

    Going to go with Keiths choice for ATL Falcons :)

    Always a pleasure to be part of a great community and awesome promos! Thanks for everything again! You have a good solid site and team here!

  16. @ luv2h8memomo says

    We’ll Sam I’m with u after big Ben & my Steelers lost to those Brady bunch not gonna get a bet out-a me! Hopefully the falcon defense give’em a run for there money

  17. I. Pick Atlanta to win ( betonline – B449086 ) good luck to all

    • Hi Jim,

      Long time no see! I drew this late Friday night, unfortunately. If you signed your Betonline account up through my referral link, I’ll certainly work it out to send over a bit of bitcoin. Email me!

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