Free Bets for Super Bowl XLIX

This contest has ended. Congrats to the winners! There will be more to come, so if you do not have an account already, please create one at Carbon Sports, and get in on the next giveaway!

Members and visitors of our community can win a free $50 bet to wager on Super Bowl XLIX. Entry is absolutely free. You just need an account at Carbon Sports to participate. Read on to learn how to qualify, what to expect and ways you can double your win.
Free Football Bet - Super Bowl XLIX
How to Qualify

-Sign up at Carbon Sports
-Email me with your Carbon account name

Carbon Gaming started as just “Carbon Poker”, but they now have sports, casino and horse racing to compliment their original poker room.

Your account at Carbon Sports will give you access to the entire portfolio of entertainment. You can play blackjack one day and bet on horses the next, or join a poker tournament with a massive prize pool. One account gives you wide access to gaming, and practically every country in the world can participate. Carbon Sports is USA friendly!

Already have an account? No problem. Just email me and let me know your Carbon account ID and I’ll make sure your name is in the hat for the drawing.

Email me and let me know your account name at Carbon. My email:

How the Free Bet Works

If your account name is drawn on Wednesday, 1/28/2015, Carbon Sports will place $50 into your account. Three lucky winners will be drawn!

This will allow you to bet the $50 any way you want. If Carbon offers a wager on Peyton Manning starting the game with his fly unzipped, you can make that bet. Whatever floats your boat. You will need access to your Carbon account to receive the $50 of course.

A big “thank you” to Carbon Sports for agreeing to fund the lucky winners’ accounts! This greatly simplifies our process.

Double Entry / Double Prize

Are you the “depositing type”? A good number of visitors and long time members come solely for the free credits. It is the concept that our site is built around, after all. While that is perfectly fine, there are also a good number of you who do make a deposit here and again for extra chips and a extra bit of gaming entertainment. Those deposits (and the referral credit we get) are what keeps the wheels greased for promotions like these, so I want to show some appreciation!

All players who deposit at any of our preferred gaming sites during January 2015 will be entered twice in this drawing and be eligible for a double prize of $100 to bet on Super Bowl XLIX. If a depositor’s name is drawn, I will add $50 more for you to wager on the Super Bowl, on top of the $50 that is credited to your Carbon Sports account.

If you want to double your chances and double your win, email me and I will be happy to send you a list of eligible sites to deposit and get you in the running for a double value bet.

Email me and double your wager!

Increase Your Odds of Winning

If we reach 50+ total likes, comments, tweets, etc. I will toss in one additional $50 free bet. So 10 tweets, 35 facebook likes and 5 approved comments would bring us to 50+, for example.

It takes two seconds. Use the handy little social buttons on the right hand side of this post. >>>>

Thank you very much!

Winner Notification

I will notify everyone of our lucky winners via our No Deposit Newsletter, so make sure you are signed up for it. I send out a couple of emails a week with news, contests and free chip/free spin codes. The newsletter lets you set your own subscriber options if you decide you don’t want my emails anymore. ( :-< ) Subscribe – No Deposit Bonus Newsletter

NFL Playoffs 2015 - Bet at Carbon Sports


  1. Love it again !!!! What a great deal Keith !if anyone has any sense they will get in on this.Love the contest and you already know i love Carbon so im in thanks!!

  2. And yet another awesome drawing from Keith! FYI I have liked on facebook, googled, pinned on pinterest, and tweeted. Hopefully these will help with reaching 50 comments, etc. Keep up the good work and truly hope this will be the year this site reaches your highest expectations! Only question I have, What are all the preferred gaming sites we can deposit to double our chances? If u can please email myself with this I would certainly appreciate it. Thanks again Keith!

    • Hi David,

      I’ll shoot an email your way ASAP. We’re hoping to send some new depositors to Carbon, to qualify for a private freeroll in February. For players who had old accounts at Carbon, we can work out something else. From a business side of things, referral credit/earnings means keeping the lights on, coffee pot brewing and of course, more money for events in 2015.

      I appreciate you asking about it and will email you today. :)

  3. Excellent Keith, yet another great contest! Thank you! I’m going to pin it too! weeeeeee

  4. Charles Higgins says

    Hey Keith, I signed up for the gtbets through your link. I then responded back through the email you sent my with my GTBets account name. Could you let me know if you recieved it. Also could you email me the chart you had made up showing the people registered for the giveaway I accidentally deleted that link to the chart.
    Charles Higgins

  5. Estelle Moore says

    Thanks for all the giveaways NDP you guys rock :)
    Tweeted,Liked,g+1 and PinIt all to help you reach the 50 goal..thanks again

    • Thank you very much Estelle. When I counted today, I believe we are in good shape to give away 4 x $50 prizes. :)

      Many thanks to all those who have shared. Even though there is nothing “in it” for further shares, I always appreciate the continued tweets, shares and likes. The more active our contests, the better I am able to “sell it” for future contests at various gaming sites.

  6. Wow congrats to all the winners esp my buddy Isandurrrrrr! River, you are one lucky cat! Now that you are so rich, show me a little mercy on the felt…

  7. So, who were the lucky ones? I haven’t seen a newsletter come out yet.

    • Hi Zalman,

      The winners were: cptbluffer, RU4realz, Isandurrrrrr, and Bruce B.

      I emailed that out in the evening of Jan. 28th. Might have hit your junk. Emailed titled: “and the WINNERS are…”

      All have been paid and one was actually paid to his GTbets account since he is from New Jersey and can’t have a Carbon account.

      Congrats to all the winners and a big thanks to everyone for the participation!

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