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I am drawing for $100 in cold hard cash, as a Halloween treat for those of you who want to participate. This drawing is sponsored by Superior Casino, and they have given us 195 free spins, for new and existing players.

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Participate in our $100 Halloween Drawing!

1. Comment Below (Speak Your Mind section) and let me know your favorite SCARY movie of all time!

2. Email me and let me know your Superior Casino login ID:

Simple stuff. I plan to draw 4 x $25 winners on November 1st (Thursday).

WINNERS! Bridgett W., James Reynolds, Charity, Rick A. Emailing each of you! Please respond within ~72 hours. Otherwise I will need to redraw your prize. Thanks for participating!

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  1. Gricelda Ramirez says

    Hello Keith,
    My Favorite Scariest movie has to be Halloween the very first one. It captured the viewer from beginning to end. Jamie Lee curtis was great but I especially liked Donald Pleasence was great as Loomis….

  2. Brittney Harris says

    My favorite Halloween movie to watch is still Hocus pocus lol. I know its cheesey but I love it.

  3. Terri Donovan says

    Hey……hope I’m doing this right to be included in FREE DRAWING…………LOL
    FIRST……FAV MOVIE of all time is definitely EXORCIST!!… nothing before that can compare to SCARY in my opinion…….I’ve been watching it and ALL the FRIDAY 13 Movies too……by MYSELF!!…..with my tiny shitzus…… thasts spooky to do in dark trust me….especially at my age!……….Anyhow….. There u have it……thanks !!…….

    • This is perfect to get into the drawing Terri. Thanks for dropping by and commenting with your favorite scary movie. :)

      Yes, I can imagine that watching the movies by yourself have gotta get a body a little freaked out, lol. You need some bigger dogs!

  4. Jessie Johnson says


  5. Ryan voldness says

    My favorite was always Halloween for Michael Myers then I found some more interest in knives for fingers…lol the new Halloween movie looks like they got Michael pretty bad ass think they did good with it

    • Hey Ryan,

      Yea, I think the newest Halloween is going to scare the socks off some folks. That franchise always seems to deliver. Thanks for dropping in!

  6. Leisha creech says

    My favorite is, I know what you did last summer.

  7. Halloween

  8. James Maury Reynolds says

    Sounds like another great deal you have ‘SPOOKED’ up for us Keith. My favorite creepy film has been the original Damien, the child Antichrist. I still enjoy the old Dracula, Warewolf, and Frankenstein black and whites, and I never miss a showing of American Warewolf in London.

    • Oh, man. I never saw that movie, but it absolutely freaked me out just seeing previews. I’m with you on the old black & whites. Always fun to watch. Good luck in the drawing James!

  9. Victoria pujia says

    Pumpkin Head that use to give me nightmares

    • Isn’t it interesting how we’ll watch stuff that will scare the crap out of us and enjoy it? It’s like eating hot peppers… makes your head sweat, but you just keep on nibbling. :0

  10. Joan Coscio says

    The ring

  11. Nate Beaird says


  12. Hostel 2 loved it so much nightmares for life hahaha

  13. Corinne French says


  14. Connie Warren says

    Favorite scary movie of all time is

  15. Steven Van Buren says

    πŸ•ΈπŸ•·πŸŽƒMy favorite scary movie wasπŸ”₯ Hellraiser. Always scared the shit out of me !! Lol I love Halloween and I hope all of you have a really epic experience this Holloween . Stay safe and watch those kids have fun . It’s always fun seeing all the costumes. πŸŽƒ πŸŽƒHappy Holloween to you Keith !!

    • Thanks for stopping in DJ. Hope things are good out there on the west coast. Great movie choice! Here’s to a safe and happy Halloween to you and yours!

  16. Halloween it’s a comedy/ horror really funny

  17. Misty Krail says

    My favorite Halloween movie is the corpse bride. I don’t like horror flicks, I’m a pussy when it comes to scary movie’s. lol

    • Hey Misty,

      Thanks for participating! Yes, I’m with you. I enjoy the holiday and all the trick or treaters, etc, but I’m more of an action or suspense movie guy myself.

  18. Snuffyhutch says

    Nightmare On Elm Street

  19. barbara golden says

    i dont watch scary movies , but i did watch charlie brown great pumpkin with my children lol

  20. Steve Wolfe says


  21. Tina Brophey says

    Exorcist or Halloween for sure

  22. Christine Alvarez says

    It would have to be Hostel, that scared the blankidy blank out of me!
    Happy Halloween!!
    Hope you have a Spook-takular Day!!

    • Good choice Christine. I think the folks who dream up horror movies like Hostel have gotta be a little on the demented side. Such shocking and surprising ways to scare the crap outta people, eh? Have a Spook-takular Halloween yourself!

  23. I would have to say exorxist

  24. Hey Keith, have you done the drawing yet? JW! Hope you had a great Happy Halloween!


    • Hey Amy – doing it tonight! Things got a little crazy last week, and I was unable to get the drawing done the night after Halloween, unfortunately, but taking care of it tonight for sure. Good luck!

  25. Willow Dyball says

    I know the drawing is loooong gone and over but I just wanted to say my favourites are The Shining or the classic Whatever Happened to Sweet Baby Jane……both made far scarier by the actors in the roles of the main characters. Jack Nicholson and Bette Davis have the best “scary eyes” ever!!

    • Hi Willow. Great choices! Yes, that drawing was last fall for Halloween.

      Good time to get a jump start on this coming October though. Want to do another scary moving drawing? Shoot me an email and I’ll make sure your name is the first one in the hat. :)

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