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Hi everyone! I’ve got some money at America’s Cardroom, and they are running their Online Super Series with $5,000,000 in prize pools. OSS Cub3d, as it is called, is made up of three poker series. One is the MOSS, and the M stands for mini. This is very low buy ins and prize pools. That is followed by standard OSS. These are a little more expensive buy ins but much better prize pools. Then for the high rollers, they have BOSS. If you want to chunk in big buy ins and play for hundreds of thousands of dollars, then the events in this series are for you.

What I am giving away…

I did this last year and it was a lot of fun. If you would like to play in an OSS event, or satellite, I am looking to stake you. If you win, we’ll split winnings. If you lose, you don’t owe me anything. That’s a pretty sweet deal. Nothing to lose and potentially big bucks to gain. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Leave a comment below and/or share with the Social buttons are over on the right hand side of the page.
2. If you do not have an account at America’s Cardroom, sign up at America’s Cardroom through my link: America’s Cardroom Signup
3. Email me the event you would like to play and the cost.

There are a LOT of requests!

Because of that, I typically look to stake $10 to $20. That means you may need to look for a satellite if you are hoping to compete in a bigger buy in event.

If we can agree on a stake, I will transfer the funds directly to you, via player to player transfer at America’s Cardroom.


Money doesn’t grow on trees. I didn’t make a dime from my staking efforts last year, and I really am not expecting to this year. This is for fun, but like any spin of a reel, there is an element of suspense and hope that a chip and a chair could lead to a huge payout if the cards turn up in your favor.

I need folks who will be honest and share winnings, according to a simple stake agreement. I also favor folks who have been part of our community here and who have signed up at other sites we advertise for (or would be willing to, even if you do not make a deposit).

At the end of the day, if we have more people attracted to our little corner of the gaming world and I get to know some more people, I will consider it a win. If one of you wins a million bucks, then we can celebrate together!

The MOSS events are already done, but OSS is just getting under way. Email me!

Sign up at America’s Cardroom


  1. MARCOS RIOS says

    yea hi my name is MARCOS RIOS , WHAT IF I HAVE AN ACCOUNT AT BCP , HOW DOES THAT WORK ARENT THEY AFILIATED , I WAS JUST LOOKING TO GET STAKE BRO . or does it have to be staked only for Americas card room

  2. Hey bro I’m looking for a stake trying to satty my way to the 750k, what you think? 50/50 but final table 60/40 me
    Reemo on ACR

    • Hi Andrew,

      Happy to stake and sweat you. Email me directly and let’s talk. (I’ll email you as soon as I get done with this comment). That split works fine for me.

  3. David Fields says

    I would love to try to win the big one for us. I have to admit i know nothing about being staked but if you give me a chance than it would be very much appreciated. The split would be 50/50 . Thank you

    • Hi David,

      Email me, please. I can stake you to a couple of satellites into the bigger payout tourneys. It will require good luck twice (place in the satellite, and then do well in the actual tourney)…

      Staking is good for both parties. You get to play an event without having to worry about losing your own money. The staker (me!) gets to trust better poker players to do well in an event. Just got to have trust on both sides.

  4. David Fields says

    I emailed you back at the poker strategy email. Thanks

  5. Ranon (Ray)Trammell says

    Hey there bud, my name is Ray. I have been playing poker for 10+ years now and my goal in life is the bracelet.I know the tournament series you spoke of is over but if your still looking for a exceptional player to stake from here on out im your guy. Email me back at

    • Hi Ranon,

      Emailing you now. I do enjoy staking. There are a few sites online that are good for players looking for stakes, if you are out of my league. I’ll email and start the conversation.

  6. Bryan Pittman says

    I’m on black chip to ,this is buz1313 ,I don’t have a problem with ,splitting anything I win, that u stake ,we can chat on my email add . I’m in the oldscool poker I began. 23 years ago.. lookforword to chatting with u .

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