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America’s Cardroom is in the middle of hosting the Online Super Series, which is a massive USA friendly poker tournament series. I have not seen anything like this in a few years. I am wanting to stake some of our community members to a number of the events. Let me explain what “OSS CUB3D” is, first of all, and then we’ll talk staking.

Where can you play the Online Super Series? America’s Cardroom

What is OSS CUB3D? This dude explains it really well:

Visit OSS CUB3D at America’s Cardroom

MOSS : Mini Online Super Series – Ran from August 14-Aug24. Over and done. Sorry!

OSS : Online Super Series started August 4th. Buy-in’s starting at $1 and prize pools as high as $1,000,000

BOSS : Bigger Online Super Series. This is for the big boys, starting Sept. 7th. Expensive buy-ins, smaller competition fields and huge guarantees.

Who am I staking?

I’ve got a couple hundred at America’s Cardroom, so I thought I would stake some of you poker aficionados, either partially (for more expensive events), to full if you want to play the smaller events. America’s Cardroom has player to player transfer, so this will be easy.


Only 1. Make a comment on this post, briefly noting your poker experience, and the event you are considering and why I should stake you. Email me as well, so we can discuss! (

Preference will be given to folks who sign up the account through our referral link (on this page, or I can email it to you!).

If I’m going to give away my roll, at least let me get some referral credit for it, eh? :)

We will follow along as a community and cheer you on!

Visit the OSS CUB3D Event Page

Comment below and tell me why I should stake you!


  1. hi i jon i new at this waz wonderin hows it goin man

    • Hi Jon,

      Good to meet you! Are you looking to play in Americas Cardroom, next online series? We may stake again. :) – Email me! (

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