Free Spins and Cash at Bitstarz

I am really excited about Bitstarz. I just gave them a 10 out of 10 internal feedback rating. The reason is simple. I cashed out after a nice win and my cashout was credited in under 5 minutes. This is the fastest cashout I have ever made. That includes when I was using Neteller back in 2004. Yes, I am old and I have been in the online poker and casino scene for many years now.

I don’t even think I have ever sent in “know your customer” documents. My profile doesn’t have my name or address. I suppose since it is a bitcoin casino, they don’t have to worry about fraud. I simply selected “withdraw”, entered my bitcoin wallet, verified my email, and two minutes or so later, it was sitting in my blockchain wallet.

What about the Free Spins?

Register at Bitstarz and get 20 Free Spins. You will get an email with offer details. Here’s what they sent me:

Hi there friend,

You’ve got 20 Free Spins.

You can see which games are available for free spins on the “Bonuses” page.

How to activate your Free Spins:

1. Log in and go to My profile/Bonuses.
2. Click “Activate” button.
3. Load the game available for free spins.
4. Play!

What about the Free Cash?

I am offering bitcoin to players who are new to Bitstarz, signing up through our referral link. If you want some free bitcoin, do the following:

1. Sign up at Bitstarz by clicking one of the links in this post.
2. Reply to this post that you want the free bitcoin.
3. Email me your Bitstarz username and your bitcoin wallet address. My email is

If you do not have a bitcoin wallet, I can send you instructions to have a wallet in under 5 minutes that you can use to deposit directly to Bitstarz.

Please keep in mind that I do not have unlimited bitcoin to give away, so email me ASAP if you want in!

You guys who have some luck and win, are going to absolutely love this place.

Psst! I have a method to cash out from bitcoin and get your money as cash at any ATM. Email ( if you want details!

I look forward to hearing from you guys and girls!

Now, go sign up at Bitstarz!

Disco Dustin is on their Monthly Leaderboard!

Dustin N wrote a review for us, for Bitstarz a couple of months back. He has been an huge help to me, getting a better understanding of bitcoin in general and bitcoin casinos specifically. Wish him luck at climbing that leaderboard!

Bitstarz Casino Review by Dustin N. (Look at his pic and you will see why I nicknamed him ‘Disco Dustin’!)



  1. I have signed up at bitStarz and I definitely want the free bitcoin! Another great promo. Thanks!

  2. Another great offer Keith! I already have an account there and have done fairly well. Best of luck to all that get to try it out! NDB does it again!

    • Hi Jay,

      I am not against passing some more bitcoin to you bud. I am thinking about doing a “free bets for the superbowl” type deal though, and Intertops would be one of the options. What do you think? Interested in a small super bowl wager? :)

      • Absolutely sir! I appreciate the thought. I’m up for whatever you have in mind… I wouldn’t mind trying some more Bitstarz or Intertops!

      • Hi Jay,

        I sent over $11 on Jan. 13th. Hope you had some luck with it!

        Look for Super Bowl stuff shortly. :)

      • So far, I’ve roughly doubled it… it’s been a slow grind! lol. Thanks again, I’ll keep an eye out for superbowl.

      • Posting tonight Jay! We have a few sites that offer free sports bets already, so I’ll have those, and then I’ll some bitcoin giveaways to boot…

  3. Hello Keith yes I believe this casino is really good Casino seeing what’s up I think I told you about this casino a long time ago wish I could get in on it but already a customer good luck

  4. Kevin Johnson says

    I WANT FREE BITCOIN!!! lol i dont play many casinos but this looks fun so here we go

    • Bitcoin shipped your way Kevin. Its not poker or sports, but.. maybe you will hit a fat jackpot and be able to move to America’s Cardroom? :) Good luck!

  5. Just registered via your link..for the free bitcoin if it is available. Will send you email

    • Bitcoin headed your way Vasco. (I got your email with bitcoin wallet address). Good luck!

      • Is this where we β€˜reply’ that we want the BITCOIN for BitStarz? I want it please. I have my account there and do does my boyfriend Mario … We would love to get the Bitcoin help that’s for sure… Pretty please thanks

  6. Jane Anders says

    Is this where we ‘reply’ that we want the BITCOIN for BitStarz? I want it please. I have my account there now.
    If this is the right place or not, sir…YOU ROCK!!!
    email to you to follow

  7. Michelle Hardwick says

    Please send free Bitcoin for biststarz! I love these Bitcoin offers you run!

    • Sent your way Michelle. Thank you for participating! I know the amounts aren’t huge, but I hope someone can turn a few bucks into a few hundred. It only takes one spin, eh? Good luck!

  8. Katelyn Smith says

    Im interested in free bit coin thanks

    • Sent bitcoin to your wallet Katelyn. Thanks for jumping in and I hope you do well at Bitstarz. I hit a pretty nice run on Greedy Goblins. I just played it because it had a pretty good looking progressive jackpot attached. No luck on the progressive. One day!

  9. Melissa Bunt says

    I want the free bitcoin!!!πŸ˜œπŸ€πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜…

  10. I want some free bitcoins

    • Hi Rebecca,

      I emailed you back. Happy to send bitcoin. Can you send me a current wallet address? I sent signup instructions. Sorry if I have already done that and you have a wallet address. Tons of requests on this one, so running together in my head a bit. :)

  11. Melissa Bunt says

    Hi I haven’t heard from you about thisπŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  12. Frenky Smeisl says

    hello Keith,

    i love some free cash for bitstarz.
    like you requested i will sent my username
    and wallet-ID TO YOUR MAIL.

    best regards,
    Frenky S.

    • Hi Frenky,

      I tried to send to your wallet and got a “invalid wallet address” message. Can you double check and email me again with the bitcoin wallet? Thanks mate!

  13. Plz send me chip bitstarz promo to my btc address usrrname is GIFT4BE


    • Hi Be Yang,

      You signed up 5 to 10 accounts and email addresses, and requested multiple bitcoins. We can’t do that. That’s the # 1 reason many of our offers die so quickly or we have to give out small amounts. Please consider that the money and spins are backed by real people (the bitcoin comes out of my personal wallet!). Setting up multiple accounts for extra chips, spins or bitcoin is a really crappy thing to do, not to mention on the dishonest side of things.

      Please enjoy each freebie ONCE and then just look for the next one. If you can do that, then we’ll find everyone getting more offers and higher value! I hope all this makes sense. Thank you!

  14. I want some bitcoin on bitstatzs my boyfriend plays all the time and I set up an account and he got on mine used everything so I’m right back to nothing and believe me i did all kinds of surveys just to earn that bitcoin to play so plz send some my way thanks bunches 😜

    • Hi Megan,

      I added you on G+. Feel free to email me and we can work out the bitcoin. Might want to change your password, so you can play your own money. :)

  15. Frenky Smeisl says

    good morning Keith,

    thnx for the money at this casino.
    i played a copple of games and run out
    of money within 10-15 minutes :(.
    better luck next time i think.
    i hope other members will do better.
    good luck to you all and Keith…. thnx again
    for making such crazy ass promo’s possible.

    • Most welcome Frenky and thank you for coming back to say ‘thank you’ :)

      I know the small amount of bitcoin goes fast. We’ll do more soon. Feel free to weigh in on Bitstarz. I liked the place. I do wish they had slot tournaments though… I really enjoy those.

  16. Kevin Suess says

    Keith, late response here but I just got registered at bitstarz and I don’t have a bit coin account. A little guidance in getting a bit coin account all setup would be helpful as it seems to be a favored methos of monetary flow with many casinos. If your still handing out bit coin splendid! Either way I’m gonna email you next.

    • Hi Kevin,

      I emailed you back with bitcoin setup instructions. Simple stuff, my friend. Blockchain is an easy wallet to setup, and you can use it for immediately depositing to a gaming site as long as you have someone send you bitcoin. Now, its just an online wallet, so to get it home, you need to have an account at an exchange like coinbase. But really, once setup, it works flawlessly and so speedy to get money moved around. You can buy bitcoin on an exchange like coinbase using your bank account or credit card. The ease is what is making it so popular for gaming sites and gamers. Getting deposits on has always been tricky and withdrawals take for-freaking-ever, and you would get checks drawn on a bank in Canada that your bank would look cross-eyed at.

      Anyway, I am getting long winded. Looking forward to sending some bitcoin your way so you can try this out!

  17. Hi keith,

    please send me btc.i sent you my info right now from my email. Thanks

  18. I sent u another email. Can i get a free bitcoin gor bitstarz? My info is in my email. Ty.

  19. HI Keith,

    please send bitcoin to play…thanks ..i signed up through your link yesterday.

    bitstarz id : 002200110033

    please send to


  20. i love bitstarz, done ALOT of playing on this site, the best bitcoin casino around imo,

    • I’m in 100% agreement. Nobody else cashes out as fast as these guys. I have played Grande Vegas and done bitcoin there too. It’s a good site that has always been good about honoring cashouts, but even they take ~2-3 days to cash out, versus just minutes for Bitstarz.

      5 stars!

  21. I WANT BIT COINS PLEASE AND THANK YOU πŸ˜ƒ and also how do I acquire a bit wallet.

    • Is there a reason I haven’t received a response in 5 days? Did I do something or not do something right?

      • Heya,

        Sorry. Tech issues with our site. It went pretty wonky for a day or two there and I left it alone while our resident geeks went to work to fix it and get it back looking pretty. :)

        Emailing you now!

    • Hi Harbaugh. I’m emailing you now. I can give you instructions on setting up bitcoin and send over some money for bitstarz. :) – We had some site tech difficulties over the past couple of days, but things are back to normal.

  22. Bitstarz joined. I want free bitcoins please =)

  23. Ha Xiong says

    hi i signed up and would love the free bitcoin, username is darktech thanks

    • Good evening! This promo was from January of 2017, but I am not against honoring it for you. Just follow that 3rd step instruction:

      3. Email me your Bitstarz username and your bitcoin wallet address. My email is

      I will look forward to hearing from you!

  24. I do not have a bitcoin wallet how do i get one im very interested my bitstarz username is bootylicious714

    • Hi Vanessa. Getting a bitcoin wallet is super simple. I use – Just make sure to write down all information offline, so you have it and don’t lose access. I also use but they do not allow transactions directly to or from gaming sites, so you have to be careful how you use it. Shoot me an email and I would be happy to help walk you through creating an account at either.

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