Free Stake – $110,000 GSPO

USA and Canada Only! The Golden Spade Poker Open, otherwise known as GSPO 2017 is upon us! I am drawing one lucky winner to stake in the $110,000 guaranteed on Sunday, November 5, 2017. You can enter the drawing multiple times, so make sure to look at all of the entry methods to maximize your chance! The Golden Spade Poker Open is being held online at three popular poker rooms. It runs from October 14th through November 8th. The main event is $300,000 guaranteed.

Are you not from the USA or Canada? I have a drawing for you in the $5,000,000 Monster Series at Party Poker. Email me: for details!

$3 Million Guaranteed in GSPO 2017!

Winner drawn! Scott Mc. on our list. Only 36 total entries into this drawing, with most people getting the max 3 tickets in the hat. Hard to beat these odds. Thanks for everyone’s participation. Please feel free to suggest more online tournaments you want entry to, and I will arrange the drawings!

You can win your way in for as little as $1. First things first of course. You are going to need an account at one of the sites that give you access to the tournament.

USA Residents: Play at Bovada Poker or Ignition Casino’s Poker Room

Canadian Residents: Play at Bodog Poker

Enter The Drawing!

1 Entry Awarded – Email me ( Let me know your email on your account at Bovada/Ignition/Bodog, whichever is your site.

1 Entry Awarded – Share this page! A share and tweet buttons are provided at the top of this page.

1 Entry Awarded – Comment below and answer the following: What is your most memorable poker hand? (Online or kitchen table). I want to hear your poker story!

I will draw the weekend of November 5th. The winner will get $150 worth of bitcoin to deposit and play the tournament, with our community cheering you on!

My Favorite Poker Story

So, we were in Las Vegas, 2005, at a poker industry convention and I decided to play some no limit holdem in the Wynn poker room. Keep in mind, I had only played online and at the kitchen table prior to this! I had been playing for about and hour and got really thirsty, but after waiting on the wait list for this table, I was absolutely not giving up my seat. I called my wife on her cell and let her know where I was at and begged her to bring me a water. After a lot of looking around, she finally brought me an expensive water bottle from some ridiculously priced machine. Whew! So lucky to have an understanding wife, eh?

I wondered why everyone was looking at me with an amused look the whole time this was going on. Then someone let me in one of the most basic comps in Vegas. Drinks at poker tables are free! I could have had whatever I wanted, as long as I was playing. I guess everyone knew who the Vegas newbie was at that point, eh?

Let’s hear yours. Good luck at Bovada, Bodog or Ignition!


  1. I recall a hold ’em hand where the flop was a set of aces, fourth street was the fourth ace, and the river was a queen. Needless to say, everybody pushed expecting a split, but one lucky devil had the king, and it wasn’t me.

  2. barbara golden says

    best hand I ever was part of I was on the losing end of . I had 99 vs J10 of diamonds the flop came 987 the 78 were diamonds and the turn was the 9 of diamonds , straight flush vs quads . only time I ever hit quads live too ! there was no badbeat jackpot for tournament hands only cash game hands .

  3. Played so many online hands that they are so blurred. That said I’ll take a home game hand when I was still learning. I was in the SB and raised with AA into the BB. We were super deep and the flop was AT8. I bet small and got a call and gave a nice little speech. Turn was a 5 and put up a flush draw and come big. He tank calls. River Ten and I shove over pot and they snap call with AT. Felt like a rounders moment.

    • Nice Aaron! So your speech kept the guy in the hand? Impressive. And I can totally see why the BB would call with AT. Heck, small blind raising into the big blind when you have AT is probably worth a reraise, if it was folded to him. Stinks for him, nice money for you.

  4. Kevin Johnson says

    Slow played trip aces and turn and river were dueces and villian had quad 2s

  5. My most memorable poker hand would have to be at the casino sitting with a $200 stack. I picked up pocket 4s and called a small raise in a multi way pot. The flop came 4 5 10 rainbow. I made a decent bet and was raised by another player. I pushed it all-in and he flipped over 4-5 off suit. The turn was a Q and the river was another 5 giving him a better full house and all of my chips. I was pretty gutted about that one.

    • Yea, Mike, that hand calls for a break! No way you could play very well after that. It’s interesting to me, in that the more you know about poker and know that the guy who just took your stack, hit one of TWO cards in the deck to win, it’s just crushing!

  6. Bovada name
    My poker story is less about a favorite hand n more about poker getting me through a tough time in my life. Myself my wife and our 2 kids n 2 cats were living in a camper for 2 at a local campground. I had gotten hurt and was off my feet for 6 months. I discovered sealswithclubs an online poker client designed for bitcoin only. Bitcoins were 740$ at the time. I played in a 5 chip freewill and won. I took my 5 chips which is .005 by and took it to the cash table. My second hand I was dealt pocket jacks JhJc I shoved preflop and got a call. It autoflips your cards. The bad guy has AdKd the flop comes JsKdJd I jump up thinking nice double up. Turn Qd no help for him river 10d. I win but the chips go to him. I look in the chat box and everyone is congratulating me even though the chips went to him. I didn’t even see his royal straight flush or realize there is a bad beat jackpot that paid me alone 4btc while the other 4 at the table got about half a coin each. I sold the camper and the bitcoin and got my family in a nice lil apartment.

    • Awesome story Billy! Man, just imagine if you won 4 BTC today? That’s closing in on $20,000. I am glad to hear that you were about to get into more square footage with your bad beat win. :)

  7. One that stands out for me was a live NL 1-2 game I was playing at the casino I usually play live at. I have a good stack of about $650 in front of me from playing a good session so far that day.

    Under the gun guys raises to $9, we have 4 callers including myself in the BB with JQ diamonds, so 5 to the flop. I flop the nuts when it comes 8 9 10 rainbow… so of course I check and UTG bets out 18 to a $45 pot… not a single fold, so I smooth call. Turn is an off 6, so no change really and no flush possible on the river… UTG guy bets out $40 into about a $130 pot, 2 guys fold, the button pops out a raise to an even $100 and I just call to try to keep it 3 way action… original bettor tanks forever and finally calls. River is a 2, so I still have the nuts. I think a moment, and put out a decent value bet of $120, guy next to me tanks again and finally folds and then the raiser from last round instantly shoves all in and has me covered, I obviously call thinking it’s going to be a split pot, but he turns over 77 for a smaller straight. I was dumbfounded by his shove, but ended up taking down a $1400+ pot, so far my biggest pot at 1-2 live.

    • Wow! Nice hand and nice pot. I wonder if the guy was tilting to just shove, after you bet the river with an obvious slow played hand. I don’t know who thinks they have it, when they got the bottom 2 with 8-9-10 on the board. :)

  8. Ranon Trammell says

    My favorite Poker Story includes my favorite casino Ignition. About a year ago I want a jackpot there playing Cleopatras Gold for $5,000. I love playing poker at Ignition because the tournament structure and gameplay is perfect for me( no drawn-out 5-hour late registration like other sites). They also have 2 unique daily tournaments, one called The hundredaire and the other the thousandaire. In each of these tournaments the prize structure is set where the top five or six people all make $100 and the thousandaire the same just the top 6 all walking away with $1000.Well prior to me hitting that jackpot I had played the hundredaire only once and shipped it for the hundred.The buy-in for the Thousandaire is a little steep like 85 bucks or so and I had my eyes on it but couldn’t afford it and post jackpot I gave it a shot. It was a grind,when we were down to the bubble we fought it out for an hour and a half till someone made a fatal error. Needless to say I held on to ship the thousandaire on my first try. I LOVE IGNITION

    • Nice wins Ranon! Good story too. :) – Thanks for responding. I have you on the spreadsheet so your name is in the hat for the drawing. Good luck!

  9. mike jones says

    my favorite hand i had ak of spades at 1/2 zone poker at ignition hit royal and the guy bet flop , turn and river went all in with no nothing got over 600$ from the pot plus a bonus from ignition . never forget it !

  10. steve antly says

    well yesterday at 1/2 zone poker i hit quads twice with 44 and 1010 both time i double up . one time vs A high flush and the other time vs AA . had a great day !

  11. erik laugeson says

    my most memorable poker hand was live at $2-4 game. i flopped 2 pair and knew villian was chasing a straight and hit it one the turn we bet and rsised not knowing i rivered a full house i just called his bet on river when i should of re raised. I learned a good leasson

  12. Steven Van Buren / Kidd Hype says

    My poker hand i was dealt was Ace Ace and next hand i was dealt was Ace Ace twice but for it to happen three times in a row in live tournament setting would be insane and the kicker is If i actually won all three hands and the odds of that happing would be pretty crazy !! Actually coachkf has seen theses hands I had played and seen the Ace Ace hands I was dealt on Carbon Poker and also saw I won all 3 . Coachkf actually ran a little mathematics and Went on the wizard oods website and it was super rare. Those were the best sett of hands I had on Carbon. I am player GodzAmongKingz aka KiddHype.

  13. Steven Van Buren / Kidd Hype says

    Would love to get a stake Coachkf!!!! Love to help with what ever you would need .

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