Go Preds! $250 Drawing

The Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018 are underway and my favorite team, the Nashville Predators have the inside track this year. As we all know, having home ice advantage is big, but there are a lot of great teams they will need to battle through to hoist the trophy and have NHL championship bragging rights during the offseason.

Let’s enjoy the NHL playoffs and give away some money at the same time!

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$250 Prize Pool

For each round the Nashville Predators win, I will add $50 to the prize pool.
If they win the cup, the final round, I will add $100.
I will guarantee a prize pool of $100, in case they get bumped in round 1. (I feel like I am jinxing them, just saying this…)

So, with 3 rounds x $50 and 1 championship round x $100, we arrive at a potential $250 prize pool.

UPDATE! Winners List. Preds were put out in round 2. Boohoo! That means a prize pool of $100. I drew 4 x $25 winners. They are: Amy O., Susan C, Marcos R., and FunSeeker. Thanks to everyone who participated!

How To Enter

As usual, you can get your name in the hat more than once. Complete all of these items for the maximum shot at winning.

1. Share this post (Twitter or Facebook buttons at the top of this post!)
2. Comment. Who is your favorite team? Who do you think will win the Cup and why? Betting tips or angles? Pretty much anything goes, as long as it is hockey related.
3. Sign up at one of our casino/sports/poker vendors during the playoffs. Any of these will work:
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4. Deposit to one of our casino/sports/poker vendors during the playoffs. This gets you 3 entries instead of just one. Again, either of these will work!
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Do the math, and you can get your name in the hat up to 6 times.

Important: Email Me.

You will need to email me to confirm your entries. I don’t know that you shared and I may even miss comments if I don’t hear from you.

So, don’t be shy. Email: info@nodepositbonus.com

Comment below!


  1. Another great offer Keith! I don’t really have a favorite NHL team, but I’ll be rooting for the Preds with all you do for us! Here’s to Nashville wiinning the CUP!

    • Thanks Jay. I don’t follow hockey too closely during the season, but I do keep up enough to know how Nashville is doing. This season has been special so far. The playoffs I tend to tune in every game though. Thanks for the good thoughts!

  2. Susan ciliska says

    We were in Nashville last year during the Stanley Cup it was so much fun………. We will be there again in June and I hope they are in it.. along with the Toronto Maple Leaves..

  3. Marcos Rios says

    LA Kong’s my favorite team . And I have no idea who’s going to win it this year. Since I haven’t been paying attention to hokey at all this year🤔🤔🤔

    • Good luck to the Kings, Marcos! Every Stanley Cup is different, eh? Seeding is great, but it seems like none of it matters when the puck drops.

  4. My favorite team resides in Hockey Town… sadly we have been anything but…

  5. I will go with Nashville Predators!! Why? Because it’s Keith’s team and I’m from down South!

  6. Josh Chandler says

    My favourite team is the Av’s, born in Colorado and went to games of the IHL affiliate before the Avs even moved there. Remember watching them win the cup in the 90’s and they where consistently good before the lockout. Don’t think they will be winning the cup, but it’s nice to see them back in the playoffs. And now I have two things to root for right?..haha

    • Oh man, we are arch rivals right now then. Nashville is up 2 games to 1, vs. Colorado as of this posting. I would absolutely cry if the Preds got put out by the Avalanche, but at least I’d know one of our community was happy. :)

  7. LA kings im not sure who will win the more determined team the team who knows how teamwork works. LoL

  8. FunSeeker says

    The leafs are my favorite team! go leafs go!! IT’s been ages since they won a cup.. …

    • Howdy “Fun”. – May Toronto beat everyone… except Nashville! :) – In all seriousness, here’s to a good post season for us both!

  9. I have to support a Canadian team and root for the Leafs, the Sens, or the Jets :).

    • Hey Mike. I understand where you are coming from. I’m glad Canada shared the sport with us. It’s definitely caught on, if it can turn a deep south state like Tennessee, hockey crazy.

  10. no clue about this sport or the 2 teams..but have watched it a fre times..! still happy to comment lol!

    • Thanks for participating Jon. You should watch… for non-Hockey fans, its still fun to watch the fights. What other sport (besides boxing and MMA of course), can two players get into a fight and only sit out for a couple of minutes?

  11. judith briere says

    My favorite team is the Boston Bruins. Thanks.

    • Thanks for the input Judith! I have you down for one entry into the drawing. I’d love to enter your name more than once though. Have you had a chance to register at one of the casinos above?

  12. FunSeeker says

    So sad to see Leafs are out!! still crying here… ah well, now let’s see Pred’s take it down!
    Go Pred’s GO!!!! GO!!!!! GO!!!!!

  13. I was rooting so hard for the Preds! Can’t believe they didn’t make it out of that round… :(

    • Hi Jay,

      Yea, man. Well, the other team was really the other “best” team in the playoffs. It’s just a shame they met so early. It would’ve made a heck of a playoff final, even if the final game was a bit of a snooze, with 2 goals allowed so early.

  14. FunSeeker says

    So happy to have won in the draw!! thanks coachkf for all you do for us! Awesome hockey fun too!

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