Grande Vegas April $300 Freeroll

Our private freeroll at Grande Vegas for April 2019 is live. If you are searching for the password for tournament NDB1904GV, you have come to the right place. Entry is free and the reward is real cash in your Grande Vegas account. Instructions for entry below!

Step 1: Sign up your free account at Grande Vegas Online Casino

The tournaments tab is only visible if you download the software. It’s a quick download and will give you access to lots more games, so definitely worth doing, even if you weren’t playing the freerolls. There are lots of guaranteed tournaments and freerolls besides ours. A lucky player could make some decent earnings here. Heck, an unlucky player could probably do so as well, since most of the guarantees have a nice overlay with not a ton of competition.

Step 2: Navigate to our Tournament and Enter the PASSWORD

Game: Achilles
Name: NDB1904GV
Password: Password found in our No Deposit Newsletter. (It’s free and the password comes in the welcome email!)
Start Date: 1st of April 2019, 0:00 EST
Duration: 30 Days
Buy-In: Free, for that you get 5 minutes play time and 5000 chips
Add-ons: 100 possible, cost $1 + 10 Cent Rake, you get 2 minutes and 2,000 Chips
Guaranteed Prize: $300

What to Expect?

The tournaments at Grande Vegas are setup so that you get into the tournament and then just spin as quickly as you can to stack up as much winnings as possible. Spin at $100 per spin, until your credits are all gone. Your total win will be on the upper right hand corner, and you can check your rank on the leaderboard.

Add on’s make a huge difference. You only need a few bucks to add on and improve your position. Given the low competition in Grande Vegas tournaments, it is worth making a deposit to play these things. I have made hundreds of dollars in real cash winnings and usually only add on a handful of times in any given tournament.

You can get lucky with just the free spins. You have a bunch of credits, so the right combination on the reels could win the thing for you without having to add on a single time!

I won $54 last month. :)

Claim your cut of winnings in the April 2019 $300 Grande Vegas Slot Tournament!


  1. Elizabeth M Dodds says

    They closed my account because i live in missouri.

    • What the heck. Did not realize Missouri was a blocked state. Did you have winnings on there? Let me know if you need help with the cashier. I’ll email them as well and see if there is an ETA on when Missouri residents can join in.

  2. joseph pisciotta says

    I keep getting an error during instillation when i download grande vegas. any suggestions?

    • Hey Joseph,

      If you can email me your nickname, if you have created an account, I can get our affiliate manager to direct us to a good tech support person to help. If its a simple windows computer you are using, then I am not sure why you would get the error.

      If you are trying to download and install on a mobile device, I am pretty sure that won’t work, and would be why you are getting an error.

      Feel free to email me;

  3. ilaria giuliani says

    hello can I have password for june’s tournament at grande vegas please?
    thank you

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