Grande Vegas Freeroll (Private!)

We have a private slots freeroll at Grande Vegas for the month of June, 2018. It is password protected, and has a nice $300 minimum prize pool. If we have some big spenders start playing, that prize pool could get a lot bigger! Instructions on how to join are below.

First Things First

You will need an account at Grande Vegas. Get one, free and with 50 free spins, no deposit required.

Grande Vegas 50 Free Spins

You will get 50 free spins on the Cash Bandit slot, simply for signing up an account.

Freeroll Details

Game: Loose Caboose
Name: NDB0618GV
Password: SEE BELOW!
Start Date: 1st of June 2018, 0:00 EST
Duration: 30 Days
Buy-In: Free, for that you get 5 minutes play time and 5000 chips
Add-ons: 100 possible, cost $2 + 20 Cent Rake, you get 2 minutes and 2,000 Chips
Prize Pool Casino guarantees: $300

You will need to download the Grande Vegas software to see the tournaments tab. Find our tournament name, and then enter the password to get in. You can start with your first 5000 credits as soon as you are ready. See the screenshots below.

What is the PASSWORD?

The password will be emailed out to our newsletter community. That means if you want the password, you need to be on our email newsletter list. Its FREE of course, and I email the freebie offers and contests that we put on here. If you ever want off the list, just shoot me an email and I will take care of it.

Sign up: No Deposit Bonus Newsletter

I will include this tournament in the welcome email for new signups, so keep an eye out!

Can’t find the password? Email me:

How to WIN?

This is a “spin as fast as you can” format tournament. The spins are locked at $100 per spin and you are just trying to hit as many wins as possible as you blow through your $5000 roll. The last thing you want is to be clicking slowly, and end up with money left that you did not use.

The first $5000 worth of spins is free, as this is a freeroll. If you would like to add to your score, you can pay $2.20 to add chips and time, and keep spinning. with a $300 prize pool, it will be worth it to see if you can move up the leaderboard!

You can deposit with a variety methods at Grande Vegas, including Bitcoin.

Good luck!



  1. Cheri Gates says

    Hi Keith, when I log into Grande Vegas and go to the tournaments I don’t have any come up at all, it has been like this for several weeks now. Any ideas why that may be? I miss them lol

    • Hi Cheri,

      I would uninstall and then reinstall Grande Vegas. It would just take a few minutes, just make sure you remember your login and password. If that doesn’t fix it, contact support. If you mainly play freerolls and never deposit, I wonder if they block your ability to see tournaments at some point? Not sure…

  2. I signed up using the first link up there and didn’t get the free spins on cashbandit. Is there a code i need that I’m not seeing anywhere? I see the pw for tourney but no code for the spins.


  3. Hi Keith..i went on there and there were no tournaments visible, Not sure what’s going on there.

    • Hi John. Are you going through the browser, or using the Grande Vegas downloaded software? I know you have to be logged into the actual software program to see tournaments.

      If you are just not seeing tournaments, while logged into the software, it makes me wonder if they turn off tournaments for some players, if they are mainly freerollers. I will see if I can find out though..

      • laura raley says

        yhey arent downoading the software….hey ya all first click on the download button and follow instal procedure

      • Absolutely correct Laura. You have to download the software to be able to see the tournaments tab. Thanks for the reminder! Good luck!

  4. Janice Bradshaw says

    Need password please

    • Hi Janice,

      Emailing your password privately. I did not want to post it here, because I want it to truly be a community freeroll, not just another freeroll that gets mobbed by 999999 people who want to take a shot at the free chips, but not interested in participating in our community.

      Thanks for posting, and I will email you the password shortly!

  5. Rose Richie says

    Hi Keith, Would you please email me the password? Thanks, Rose

  6. Hello all!! Well I’ve tried every way to try the free roll for the very first time!! I’d say 1000 times.. lol.. I joined. I recieved the no deposit bonus and played it out..i tweeted and shared.. the only thing I can not do is download the software ware for Grande Vegas Casino on the up side I am very up to date with the groups news letter!! Very well written I must add!! I am wondering if there is a way to download the Grande casino app using a black berry s10?

    • Hi Roni,

      So good to have you join in on comments on this one! I am not aware of a way to download the casino software on anything except a computer. I am hoping they soon give tournament access to both mobile and instant play versions. I prefer those and heck, the entire world is going to mobile for most of their entertainment these days. Hopefully this is reflected in Grande Vegas tournaments soon!

  7. rosemarie ferry says

    h can i have password for gv tourney ty

    • Absolutely! Join the No Deposit Newsletter (link in the post), and the password for the current month’s tournament is in the first welcome email. Future tournament passwords are emailed to you as well.

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