Juicy Stakes – $200 Holiday Drawing

I am giving away $200 to lucky winners at Juicy Stakes, to celebrate the joyous Holiday Season, 2023! It is better than a gift card, because it will be a cash Christmas present, right to your Juicy Stakes account, where you can use it for poker, casino or withdraw it if you are a coin counting Scrooge, err, wise money conscience individual. I will be drawing from two prize pools. One will be a no deposit required, simple sign up at Juicy Stakes. The other will be for depositors. You can participate and win in both. There will be 8 x $25 winners.

$100 Freebie Drawing

This will be the simplest drawing you have ever entered. 4 winners of $25 each.

  1. Create an account at Juicy Stakes. Use a link in this post, so I get credit for referring you. :)
  2. Email me: poker.strategy@gmail.com and let me know your nickname at Juicy Stakes. I will use your nickname to list you on our Juicy Stakes $200 Giveaway spreadsheet.
  3. Winners will be announced via our No Deposit Bonus Newsletter on Dec 28, 2023. You can sign up for that newsletter on practically any page on our site, by enter your email in the right hand column and hitting that red submit button.

A note on the newsletter; I hate spam just as much as you do. I will send new offers and give you a heads up on events and drawings like this one. If you decide you do not want those emails, simply unsubscribe. I use AWEBER, which is a well known email program and just as easy to get off a list as it is to get on.

$100 Depositors Drawing

You probably guessed this! Another 4 winners at $25 each. You just need to make a deposit to that shiny new Juicy Stakes account and email me to confirm.

  1. Make a deposit to your Juicy Stakes account that you created through my link. (Still haven’t? Now is a good time! Sign up at Juicy Stakes)
  2. Email me (poker.strategy@gmai.com) and just let me know you deposited. I will confirm with our contact there and enter you on our giveaway spreadsheet.
  3. Drawing will also be held on Dec 28th as well and announced via our No Deposit Bonus Newsletter

Some Important Notes:

I am giving away the money, regardless of how many enter. Example, if only 4 people enter, you each get $25. Only one entry? Your lucky day at $100 free cash, transferred to your Juicy Stakes account. Same goes for the depositors drawing. If only one depositor gives me a heads up, he or she will have a nice $100 Christmas gift from yours truly.

Already have an account at Juicy Stakes? We can work something out. Email me and let me know your conundrum and we’ll figure out a way to get you eligible.

You are going to like Juicy Stakes! 

They have poker tables and tournaments. Casino games galore from multiple software providers. Your one Juicy Stakes account gives you access to both the poker side and the casino side. Fast deposits and withdrawals via Bitcoin. If you are using something other than Bitcoin, you must be a hundred years old. Not judging, but c’mon man. If you are interested in learning about how to use bitcoin for your online gaming entertainment, I would be happy to give you some pointers. I have been using bitcoin since it was worth a lot less than it is now. If only I had simply hung onto it instead of using it as currency, I would be a millionaire by now. Hindsight…

Good luck! Email me or comment below with any questions!

And, if you haven’t already, go sign up an account at Juicy Stakes for Pete’s sake!


  1. James Gunnels says

    Thank you for the opportunity to sign up for these offers!

    • Hey Jimmy. I did not see an email from you with your Juicy Stakes nickname. I just emailed you and requested it. The email will come poker dot strategy at gmail dot com. Thanks again!

  2. James Gunnels says

    I thank you for this opportunity, ( Peace ) Jimmy !

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