June 2023 – Freeroll NDB0623GV

Please come knock me off the top of the leaderboard (screenshots below)! $250 up for grabs. Let’s be fair though, if I win, I will return it to the community with some sort of giveaway. :) – But, I would prefer to see one of you fine community members bring home the prize!

How to Join our Grande Vegas $250 Freeroll

The freeroll can only be accessed via the actual downloaded casino software. I know it is old fashioned, downloading a game to your computer, but that’s how Grande Vegas sets it up for us. It’s a quick download. Here are the instructions:

  1. Click this link to visit the download page:  Grande Vegas Download Page
  2. Click that red “Download Casino” button. I couldn’t get it to work in Chrome, so I pasted the link into Microsoft Edge and it worked fine.
  3. Install the Casino software. Create your account, etc.
  4. Click on the Tournaments tab, near the bottom left side of the software. From there, it is just a matter of entering the password, buying in for $0, and playing.

I have put screenshots below to help walk you through the process!

Grande Vegas Private Freeroll – NDB0623GV – Password

Game: Miami Jackpots
Name: NDB0623GV
Start Date: 1st of June 2023, 0:00 EST
Buy-In: Free. You get 5 minutes and 50 credits.
Add-Ons: 100 possible, cost $1+ 10 Cent Rake. You get an additional 2 minutes and 20 credits
Casino guarantees $250. Cold hard cash.

A word to the wise! Grande Vegas considers these private freerolls to be rewards to depositing members. If nobody tops my spot, then I have paid like $10 in add on’s to win $250 cash. Casinos don’t keep the lights on by giving away that kind of payout ratio. If you enjoy playing private freerolls, toss in a deposit here and there. Besides allowing you to take part in these, you will find yourself with lots of free offers from Grande Vegas, as they definitely like to give you incentives to keep playing. When it comes time to cash out, you won’t have to worry about Vinnie tossing you down a flight of stairs, figuratively speaking, for abusing the bonus and freeroll system.

Below is the downloaded software screenshot. You can see the browser window with the red ‘Download Casino’ button on the right. Tournaments tab is near the bottom left.

Next, is a screenshot of the list of tournaments. I circled ours, but if you look on down, there is another one that said “running”, named Chipy0623GV. I joined that one too, and am currently # 3 on their leaderboard! It was free to join and had $2.20 add on’s.

I’m numero uno! After another add on or two, I am still under 100 points. (I spent more on that CHIPY tournament). But anyone with $20 bucks and the desire to pass me, can easily do so.

Adding on is easy. After playing the initial credits, the “Add On” button gets highlighted and clickable in the main tournaments area. For some reason, the blue “add on” button was not clickable for me in the actual Miami game. Annoying, but easy enough to add on from the main tournaments screen area.

Good luck at Grande Casino! If you have questions, please use the Speak Your Mind section below!

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