March Madness 2022 $100 Bracket

Free to join! You will just need a Yahoo account, since that’s where I do the bracket through. The bracket is titled NDB $100 Freeroll. Here is a quick screenshot:

How to Participate:

1. Login to your Yahoo account and click the link to visit our group: NDB $100 Freeroll – March Madness Group

2. Winner take all! $100 to the winner. You will need to contact me with your Yahoo account email and we’ll work out payment.

Want a shot at an additional $100 prize pool?

Comment below and let me know who your favorite team is, or who you think is going to win the tournament. Really anything March Madness related. Everyone who comments by tournament’s end will be entered into a simple drawing. I will draw 4 x $25 winners. All you have to do is participate in the comment thread. Easy enough, right?

Another $250?

Now is a great time to join EveryGame. They are celebrating March Madness by offering a sign up bonus of $250. They will have all of the games from first round to championship, and lots of fun side type bets as well. I’ve used them for March Madness bets for several years in a row and have never been disappointed.

Teams like Memphis and Virginia Tech are looked at as dark horse candidates who could surprise everyone and win it all. If you put $10 on those teams and they won, you would win hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Just got to get that bet in before the tournament starts. Once the tournament starts, you can bet on every game and even place bets during the game with the LIVE betting options here.

March Madness 2022 – Key Dates!

Selection Sunday: 6 p.m. ET March 13 on CBS
First Four: March 15-16
First round: March 17-18
Second round: March 19-20
Sweet 16: March 24-25
Elite Eight: March 26-27
Final Four: April 2
NCAA championship game: April 4

Good luck!


  1. Im not sure who is going to win Bball,but the Oklahoma Sooners afre going to win National Chanmpship

  2. maxime lajeunesse says

    Murray State 4 da win

    • Heh, my MTSU alma mater played them really close back in December. Good to see your comment Maxime! I hope you have been doing well. It’s been awhile since we emailed back and forth.

  3. I have made a bracket under your group

  4. Austin Nunn says

    I got Texas Tech going all the way!!!

    • Hey Austin! I was looking at good dark horse candidates and Texas Tech is probably one of those. A lot of places have them within the top 15 as far as teams with a shot to win it all. Gonzaga # 1 of course, but it’s pretty rare to see the actual favorite cutting down the nets at the end.

  5. Well I know nothing about basketball, but I know a lot about money and if all I got to do is put a couple sentences in here to be eligible to get that money…
    Then you know why this nonsense is in here.

  6. Gonzaga looks like the team to beat, lookin forward to a fun tournament with some big upsets!

  7. Duke going all the way

  8. Hey Keith, I’m going to take a wild guess and pick Kentucky. Hope everything is well with you and thanks for another great contest!

  9. FunSeeker says

    So happy to see you are back at it Keith. Gonna join in the fun! Got some game research to do now….

  10. My favorite team is ILLINI. While they do have a small chance of winning it, I definitely think it’s Arizona’s year to win it all.

  11. Brian Tanner says

    As much as I’d love my Jayhawks to win it all, I’m gonna go with perenial spoilers and say Villanova takes it all

  12. Go Tarheels frfr

  13. FunSeeker says

    Not sure what happened to my previous post. So posting again. Bracket done. GL to all! Thanks Keith!
    Glad to have you back at it!

  14. Welcome back sir long time!

    I am a monkey pushing buttons so gl to all!

  15. Rich Smith says

    Gonzaga should win it all easily!

  16. Unfortunately my team, Florida won’t be in the tournament, but at least Georgia have a nice surprise on Selection Sunday. As for who will win the tournament, IDK. All of the one seeds seem very flawed to me. The top overall looks weak IMO.

  17. Thanks for making this! I made a bracket under your group. Love March Madness! I want Loyola Chicago to go to at least the final four.

    • Thanks for joining in the fun! I just read that Sister Jean, 102 years young, will be on the sidelines cheering them on. They have a tall order to fill with Ohio State as their matchup. Good luck!

  18. I hoping for an epic Final 4 matchup of UNC vs Duke! However, I want my fav team Arizona to win!

  19. Steve "camapman" says

    Go Zags. Goin’ All The Way This Year… 🏀🏀🏀

  20. kentucky going to the top!!!

  21. Zachariah Love says

    UCLA Bruins are ready to make another run. Sorry about Bill Walton.

  22. Timothy Hutter says

    Favorite team is the Arizona Wildcats but I my pick to win is Kentucky, the other wildcats!

    • Kentucky got knocked out by Tennessee in the SEC tournament, so I am sure they will be hungry. And… Tennessee is peaking at the right time, so it’s not like they lost to a weak team.

  23. Hopefully OSU won’t ruin me again

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