NDB $100 Freeroll Bracket 2016

This was fun last year, so let’s do it again, shall we? This is 100% free to join. Winner take all, $100 prize. This is a public Yahoo Fantasy Sports bracket challenge. All you need is a Yahoo account to join in.

Yahoo Pool Link: NDB $100 Freeroll Bracket Challenge

Winner Take All!

This is a one off payment of $100 to the winner. We can send you the winnings via paypal, or a variety of other means.

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Join the Pool!

In less than 5 minutes, you will have a Yahoo account and be in our tournament pick’em pool. Here are the two quick steps.

1. Go to www.yahoo.com and sign in to your account. Yahoo accounts are free, and it’ll net you another email address for your spam collecting.

2. Visit our public pool link posted above. You will see that you have been invited to “Keith’s Tourney Pick’em Pool” (that’s me!). Click the “Join Pool” button.

You will need to select a name for your bracket, and be sure to make your picks by the entry deadline.

Deadline for making your picks is March 17th at 12:15 EDT! That’s also the day that the round of 64 starts, so sit back in your easy chair with some popcorn and start following along.

How we Score?

We use the default scoring system, but with an extra point for upsets.
Round 1 wins = 1 point each
Round 2 wins = 2 points
Round of 16 = 4 points
Round of 8 = 8 points
Round of 4 = 16 points
National Final = 32 points

Each upset win gets you 1 point. An upset is any time a higher seed upsets a better seeded team. Example, a 4 seed beats a 1 seed, gets you an extra point.

Wanna Bet?

Our freeroll is pennies compared to how much educated sports junkies can make, betting on sports.

USA Resident? Bet at Bovada
Canada Resident? Bet at Bodog

My Long Shots!

I always like to take a few long shot bets and such. Here’s what I have going this year, to get things started.


Good luck with your bracket and sports betting for NCAA mens tourney, 2016!


  1. I won your 2016 Freeroll Bracket on Yahoo with my “Muppet Sports” bracket. Please contact me with information on how I can pick up my prize. Thank you.

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