NDB $100 Freeroll Bracket 2018

If you listen closely, you can already hear the squeak of shoes on wooden courts and crowds cheering on the latest Cinderella. March Madness fever is upon us again, and it is time to renew our freeroll bracket! This is a public bracket and anyone is welcome to join. Come one, come all. Win cash!

NDB $100 Freeroll Bracket 2018

Free to join!
$100 prize to the winner.
$50 to the runner up.

We are using the YAHOO service again, as its free and easy to use. That means more money in the prize pool for you guys. Prize pool increased to $150 this year. Visit the link below and click the blue “Join the Group” button. You will need a yahoo.com account to participate.

Join the Group!

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Congrats to Veronica and Glenn for scoring an insane amount of points to win our annual tourney pick’em. Thank you all for participating and sharing your favorite team stories, etc. I look forward to doing it again next year!

NCAA Men’s Tournament 2018 – Important Dates

March 11th – Selection Sunday. The 68 teams will be revealed, who get to play in the “big dance”.
March 13-14 – First Four. The bottom 8 teams will play, getting us down to the 64 teams that make up the common bracket.
March 15-18 – The first and second rounds will be played at a variety of cities.
March 23-25 – The Regionals will be held, to cut the field down to 4 teams.
March 31 – Final 4 (2 games)
April 2 – Championship game

Who is going to Win?

Well, that’s the million dollar question, is it not? Early favorites include; Virginia, Michigan State, Purdue, Villanova and Arizona. All familiar faces during March Madness. Who knows though, it was not long ago that we saw little know MTSU (Middle Tennessee State University) upset powerhouse Michigan State in the first round of the tournament. MTSU is back in it, and a top 25 team in their right these days.

Good luck in this bracket and best of luck in your wagers this year!

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  1. FunSeeker says

    Love this time of year! love March Madness! Thanks for the opportunity to have some March Madness FUN!
    Will be an interesting time for sure!!!

  2. My team is South Carolina so last year was a real joy to watch… it will carry me for a while when it comes to basketball moreso a Football fan though

  3. I’m a South Dakota State alum so I definitely have allegiance to the SDSU Jacks! My secret rooting interest and pick to win it all though is Duke. Everyone else seems to hate them, but I’ve always been drawn to that programs excellence. I’m a long distance Cameron Crazy!

  4. SnipinSexton says

    My favorite basketball school is St. Mary’s College. I did go to Kansas, and love my Jayhawks, but I got into basketball with the Gaels, who played just minutes from my hometown. I enjoyed Patty Mills and their tourney run in 2008, but I really got into them in 2010 – the Omar Samhan year (he actually went to a rival high school of mine). One of my finest bracket moments was correctly picking SMC’s two upsets in 2010 over Richmond and Villanova. Upset that they just barely got left out this year, but the future looks bright.

  5. Bob Dylan says

    Hey great idea man my favorite team is tennessee becuase my favorite color is orange

  6. I’m a from Washington State so I’m a UW fan.Seeing as they’re in the NIT I’m thinking Duke this year.

  7. I am a Florida State Seminole fan. I grew up in St Petersburg and had a great time at FSU. I picked FSU to upset Xavier in the second round. Hey, anything can happen in March Madness. Good luck to all!

  8. Favorite team is UNC but I don’t think they are good enough to get to the Final four this year. Nova is my pick to win it all.

  9. Fighting Illini are my favorite team – they were in the Final Four when I was in school. Now….I guess there’s always next year (hopefully year not decade). Picking Kansas to go this year.

  10. the_varker says

    My favorite basketball team is CSULB …. but they are rarely competitive. This year I will root for Arizona the best PAC 12 team in the tournament.

  11. Raymond DeVries says

    I think UVA has got this. With their defensive prowess an Tony Bennett on the coaching side of things, I think have a strong case for winning the tournament.

  12. West Virginia…won’t win, but may upset Villanova. C’mon, the Mountaineers bring guns to every game!
    Duke does it right. Gonzaga goes far.

  13. devon patton says

    Hey this is a cool blog and I hope to take home the money in this march madness tournament challenge.
    BTW my favorite college basketball team is the Syracuse Orange because it is my alma mater.

  14. Christian Castillo says

    Michigan State is my favorite college team because of Coach Izzo! He’s simply the best! This is my first year joining your bracket challenge, looking forward to an exciting March Madness!

  15. whitney hendrix says

    Hey hey! Duke is my favorite college team. I was born in Durham and the Duke campus was the first place I visited as a baby. The Hurley-Laettner-Davis-Hill-Hill starting 5 was the best to ever grace college basketball. This tourney is sure to be epic with lots of upsets.

  16. Thank you the opportunity for me to kick some butt.hehe Favorite team UCONN Huskies…

  17. Josh Chandler says

    I’m a passionate Tar Heels fan, have been most of my life. I’ve had family go to unc, and I lived in Carolina for a couple years. Was so sweet watching the redemption tour last year. Going somewhat underlooked this year, may surprise a few.

  18. My favorite teams are Duke and San Diego State… I pick Duke to win, because Big men usually come through in march madness and they got a pretty good one.

  19. I have no opinion on college basketball honestly and I pretty much guessed. But according to my bracket, Villanova better win!

  20. My favorite team is St. John’s Red Storm — NY’s College BBall team. Not in the tournament but they’ll be in next year.

  21. Tom Hatfield says

    My favorite NCAA team is Wisconsin. Going to be a quiet house this year but they were young and had a lot of injuries. They will be back next year! Gonna roll with another Big-10 team – Boiler Up!! The Edwards and the Twin Towers!

  22. My favorite team is FSU, but they’ll probably lose in the first round. I don’t know why, but I’m rooting for a Michigan/Michigan St championship game…

  23. Michigan is my team, went to school during the 2013 Final Four season led by Trey Burke. Go Blue!

  24. im a huge UCONN fan cuz of ray allen

  25. Julia Larsen says

    I loved the Utah State Aggies team this year!

    • Hi Julia,

      My teams all went down early. I guess that’s the way it is with small schools. It’s a double edged sword. On one side, you get to cheer for a potential ‘cinderella’, which the fans of perennial favorites never get to really enjoy. On the other side, the tournament rarely ever gets won by one of those teams. Ahh well… At least we got to see a 16 seed upset a 1 seed finally!

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