NDB Survivor League – $100 Prize Pool

Hey guys! I have had a few people email me about doing a survivor league again this year for the NFL season. I had not really planned to, but what the heck. Give the people what they want, right? So, we have 1 week before the regular season kickoff, so you have one wee from the day of this posting (08/30/2018) to get registered.

How to Participate

You will need a Yahoo account, because practically all fantasy stuff we participate in is done through Yahoo’s fantasy tools.

Join our Group! Here’s the link: NDB Survivor 2018-2019

You will need the password: lastminute

How does Survivor NFL Leagues work?

You just pick one game per week. You are simply picking a winner. If you pick a winner, you keep going to the next week. If you pick a loser, you are out!

Important note! You can only pick a team once, so if you pick the best team in the league in week 1, you won’t have them during a week that you might need it down the road.

Possible strategy? If you can pinpoint the worst team in the league, perhaps picking whoever they are playing would be a sound strategy?

$100 Prize Pool

Depending on how many players join, will determine how the prize pool is distributed.

This prize pool brought you in part by; Silver Oak Casino. Get a $150 Free Chip!

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Good luck!


  1. Thanks for another great contest Keith!

  2. David Fields says

    So is it a 7 way split since we all went out this weekend LOL

  3. David Fields says

    So what now since we have a 7 way tie

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