Solve a Riddle for $10 Free

It is Sherlock Week at Slots Capital. This will be fun. I do love riddles! Slots Capital is giving $10 to anyone and everyone who can solve the riddle noted below. You will need to hop on their live support and give the answer to the riddle, to get the free $10.

But First…

Of course, you need an account at Slots Capital.
Slots Capital – Free Account

Here’s the Riddle

Two girls ate dinner together.
They both ordered iced tea.
One girl drank them very fast and had finished five in the time it took the other to drink just one.
The girl who drank one died while the other survived.
There was poison in all of the drinks. How did the girl who drank the most survive?

(If you can’t figure it out, email me and I will give you the answer.

And the “Small Print”

Contact support at Slots Capital with the answer. They will award the free chip, which is $10. Their support staff is going to be busy!
Dates: May 22nd through May 31st
Who can claim? Everyone with a pulse, unless you are in a blocked country. I believe Slots Capital blocks Canadians. Sorry!
Wagering requirement is 60x and max cashout from winning is $180.

Deposit Promos During Sherlock Week

Slots Capital is offering a variety of bonuses and you can claim them all, in any order. Let me just paste them here:

Sherlock 200%
WR: 35x / Min. Dep: $200.00 / Max. Dep: $400.00 / Max. Cashout: No max / Sticky: Yes / 22-31 May / All Players

Sherlock 150%
WR: 30x / Min. Dep: $100.00 / Max. Dep: $500.00 / Max. Cashout: No max / Sticky: Yes / 22-31 May / All Players

Sherlock 100%
WR: 30x / Min. Dep: $50.00 / Max. Dep: $500.00 / Max. Cashout: No max / Sticky: Yes / 22-31 May / All Players

Sherlock 75%
WR: 20x / Min. Dep: $35.00 / Max. Dep: $500.00 / Max. Cashout: No max / Sticky: No / 22-31 May / All Players


WR is wagering requirement. If your bonus is $10 and wagering requirement 35x, then you need to wager 35 x $10 = $350 to cash out.
Min Dep is the minimum deposit.
Max Dep, yes, that is the max deposit.
Max Cashout is the most you can bring home from winnings.
Sticky: a sticky bonus means you can’t cash out the bonus. So if you deposit $100 and get a $100 bonus, you have $200 to play with. But they will remove the $100 bonus when you cash out. If a bonus is not sticky, then it is considered part of your winnings once you reach the wagering requirement.

That last 75% bonus is not sticky, is only 20x wagering requirements and there is no max cashout. That looks like the best to me!

Good luck and have a great Memorial Day weekend (if you are from the USA!)…


  1. Rose Richie says

    I still havent figured out the Sherlock riddle.

    • Hi Rose,

      We only have about a day left, so let me go ahead and post the answer here. The poison was in the ice. The girl who drank her’s fast, never gave the chance for the ice to melt. The girl who drank her’s slowly, allowed the ice to melt and poison the drink. Moral? Chug it. Well, at least when your ice cubes are poisoned.

      Tell the live chat support staff that answer (poison ice cubes) and you’ll get the $10. I had one community member say she actually just asked about it and they gave her the $10 without asking for the answer, heh. Money flowing free from online casinos!

      • Rose Richie says

        Thanks Keith for helping me with that riddle. I never could get ahold of anyone in the chat with the answer. So I had to send an email but they wouldn’t honor it. I still like playing there. They do offer some decent promotions sometimes.

      • So sorry Rose. :( – What was going on with chat?? I have usually got right in when I use chat support on casino sites. We’ll get something else together.

      • Lonnie Etheridge says

        Well they told me it was not a valid promo

      • Hi Lonnie,

        This is a 2 year old post, unfortunately. Let me email you real quick and we can discuss something current. I have been posting stuff here for over a decade, so some of the items are definitely dated. I post fresh stuff every month in the new offers section and do my best to keep the front page lists of casino offers current. At any rate, emailing you shortly!

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