Super Bowl 53 Pick’em Contest

The NFL pre-season is already underway as of this posting, and the regular season starts in less than a month. If you have confidence in your favorite team, now is the time to put a small wager on them to win Super Bowl LIII, because futures bets pay out really really well. Just like last year, I have a little game of Super Bowl Pick’em for all of you to participate in. Pick well and you can bring home some big bucks!

Pick the Winner for Super Bowl LIII (Sunday Feb. 3, 2019)

Comment at the bottom of this post and let me know who you think will win Super Bowl 53. If you make the right choice, you will be entered into a drawing for cold hard cash.

A $10 bet on the Patriots pays $65. A $10 bet on the Bears pays $800. HOW?! NFL Futures Betting. Check it out here: NFL Futures Bets @ Bovada

Riskier Pick? Better Reward!

The New England Patriots are the betting favorites. Again. To keep everyone from picking them or last season’s champs, the Philadelphia Eagles, you can win a better prize if you go with a different team or group of teams. It sounds complicated, but its not. View the choices and prize pools below and then post a comment with who you want to go with this year, and why.

Possible Winners and Prize Pools

Comment below and make one choice! Each team or group of teams will have their own prize pool.

New England Patriots — $100 Prize Pool
Los Angeles Rams — $125 Prize Pool
Eagles, Vikings, Steelers or Packers — $150 Prize Pool
Saints, Falcons, Jaguars — $175 Prize Pool
Any other Team — $200 Prize Pool

So, if you think the Eagles will win, comment below with your pick and you will be in the Eagles, Vikings, Steelers, Packers prize pool. If you think the Houston Texans are going to have a stellar year and bring home the Lombardi trophy, then you would be in the “Any Other Team” pool. Make sense?

Make sure your name is in the hat! Here’s the google spreadsheet entry list. Please email me if you have commented below, but don’t see your entry. Super Bowl 53 Drawing “Hat”

The Method Behind the Madness…

I created the lists of teams and prize pool by following the futures betting payouts on Bovada (USA Residents) and Intertops (Rest of the World). Here are screenshots from their NFL Super Bowl futures section.

BOVADA (USA Online Sportsbook)
Bet on Super Bowl 53

Intertops (Accepts Players from All Over!)

Make Your Pick!

Comment below and let me know who you think will win Super Bowl LIII. I’ll get your name in the appropriate hat and we can enjoy another season of the NFL!


  1. Steelers all the way. My team :)

  2. maxime lajeunesse says

    bears, they have to win have some point gl

  3. Scott McGuire says

    I think the Pittsburgh Steelers have the best chance of winning Super Bowl this year. They have to make it happen this year with Ben at the end of his career, Bell in probably his last year as a steeler, and brown wanting to be the best steeler wr ever. I think this coupled with key additions on defense and a proven kicking game, they will be able to rise to the top.

  4. Dan nguyen says

    I know Pittsburgh Steelers are going to win ….

  5. Thanks for another great contest Keith! I’m going to go with “any other team.” Although my Browns will probably disappoint me again this year, I do think things may be a bit more wide open than in recent years. So even if my Browns find a miracle and win it all (ha-ha-ha!) I still have a shot! Best of luck to us all and GO BROWNS!

    • Ahh, a brave soul. That being said, the “any other team” category won it last season when I did this. Good luck to the Browns. I hear there are beer coolers in various locations in Cleveland that are locked, but automatically unlock when the Browns get a win. Some promotion by Budweiser, I think. That’s funny (and also kinda stinks to be the team that has so few wins each year!)

  6. Master Cylinder says

    The N.Y. Jets will surprise going 11-5. Winning the East. Pats will be 9-7. The Jets have a tough D, excellent free agent acquisitions and 2 chances at QB with Bridgewater and Darnold to bring a decent offense together. The N.Y. Jets to win the Super Bowl in 2018-2019.

    • Interesting choice Cylinder / Peter. That puts you in the “any other team” pool. Are you putting money on the Jets? They are +15000 when I was making my bets. That means a $10 bet, if correct, would win you $1500. If you feel that strongly about the Jets this year, then you should definitely put ten bucks on them, eh? Good luck!

  7. Atlanta Falcons, and just because I’m from the South!!

    • Ahh yes, the dirty birds! This will be one of the teams I cheer for myself, as you know. They are in the top 10 as far as preseason favorites, so a good choice in my opinion. Good luck Amy, and thanks for participating!!

  8. Gotta stay loyal and go for the Steelers! Thanks again Keith!

    • If our blog is any indication, the Steelers should be the favorites. Maybe we just got a lot of friends from Steelers country here at

  9. Eagles because they are good ok

    • Well, I guess nobody will argue with you that the Eagles are good. After all, they are the champs. :) – Lotta “good” teams are going to be ‘head in hands’ come December though. What did the Eagles do in the off-season to improve and build upon last year’s success? Just for discussion! We’ll see how it shakes out this year.

  10. Aaron Lambert says

    Probably not overly popular but this year feels like a Steelers type year… maybe I’m wrong but I’ll take those four teams vs the rest of the options

    • On the contrary, the Steelers are a popular pick, Aaron. Out of 10 picks so far that I have put on the spreadsheet, fully half of them have chosen the Steelers. When you consider that one other gent picked the Eagles, that means 6 out of 10 are in that pool. Must be some strong teams there this year.

  11. Eagled

  12. James Petrie says

    New coach great success or big flop with no pay OAKLAND RAIDERS

    • Hey Jamie,

      The Raiders have certainly been known to flop. Maybe they will prove everyone wrong this year (or right?) and have a great season and a shot at the Super Bowl trophy.

  13. Angela Witt says

    I know nothing about the superbowl teams etc but i love a bet..Im going for the Philadelphia Eagles ..GO EAGLES

    • A good ‘middle of the road’ choice Angela! If they make it, it could be the first time you have ever cared about the Super Bowl, yea? Good luck!

  14. green bay packers…! I know nothing night be better!

  15. Dean Chesney says

    Cleveland all the way

    • Thanks Dean! If you feel strongly about Cleveland, you should look at the futures bets on Bovada or other sports betting sites. If you are right, a small bet of $10 or $20 would pay off huge!

      I got you into our drawing as “Any Other Team”. That’s a $200 prize pool. Good luck and thanks for participating!

  16. Josh Chandler says

    I feel like this is the saints year, believe they can complete with anyone on offence and I’m not sold on anyone else in the nfc right now, rams are good offensively but I think this is the year where every team has a flaw and I just have a gut feeling it’s gonna be Brees and The saints

  17. Sherrie Stewart says

    Grrrr the Bears!!!

  18. I’m gonna say Any other team.

  19. Ron Williams says

    I see great picks but I’m going with Jacksonville

    • Hey Ron. I put you into the Jags, Saints, Falcons pool. I wouldn’t be sad to see this pool win, since I’ve always been a Falcons fan. Good luck!

  20. Having been born and raised in Philly I have to go with the Eagles to repeat. Yes they are underdogs this season, but they were last season, too. I have a dog mask hanging on the wall in my office to remind me every day that they beat the cheating Patriots!

    • Haha! Yes, a very satisfying win against the Patriots last year. I was disappointed to see the Patriots squeak out a win vs. the Chiefs yesterday. Good luck with your Philly pick!

  21. Awanda Butler says

    Kansas City Chiefs

    • A wise choice, I think. That’s the ‘any other’ pool worth $200 and the Chiefs are looking good. They played a great game against the Patriots and came up just short.

  22. Aaron Lambert says

    I will gladly change and go with the Rams… most complete team and will get Brady at home

  23. Anything other team bc the Oakland raiders are going to get it this year!!!!!!

    • I like your enthusiasm, but at 1-4, the Raiders are looking like a long shot to get into the playoffs, much less win it all. :( – The only team they beat was the Browns, and it was 45-42 in overtime.

      Gotta have faith though! Besides, “any other team” lets you have a lot of shots at being right in our little drawing here. Good luck!

  24. Veronika Bejsovcova says

    I think Steelers wins.
    my dad says, and my father never lies :)))

    • Hey Veronika! I like your pick, even at 3-2, it still early in the season. The Steelers are good and if they make the playoffs, (which they should), its like a totally new season at that point. Thanks for playing!

  25. Falcons

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