Super Bowl LIII (53). Pick the Score. Win $$

Super Bowl 53 LIII is a little over two weeks away as of this posting, so it’s high time we do something fun in the lead up to it. It’s also a chance for all of you football stats geeks to do some number crunching, and anyone else to simply toss in a wild guess and roll the dice.

$150 to Give Away! Sponsored in part by Planet 7 Casino’s $65 Free Chip Offer

Participation is easy enough. Follow these instructions:

1. Guess the overall points scored in Super Bowl LIII.
(So if you think the final score is going to be 21-14, then your overall score guess would be 21 + 14 = 35).

2. Post your number in the comments section below, along with who you think is going to win and any other thoughts you would like to share on this years Super Bowl!

Whoever comes closest wins $50. Second closest gets $25. If we have ties, then the $75 is split evenly among the winners.

Who woulda ever guessed the final point total would be 16 points?!? – Congrats to Jeff Dahlke and Steven B. You guys were closest with guesses of 30 points total. We’ll just split that prize 50/50. Emailing you instructions to claim your win. Thanks to everyone who participated and saw history made with the lowest….lowest ever points scored in a Super Bowl. Maxime guessed 35 to be runner up. $25 to each of you three.

2nd Chance Participation Draw

2nd Chance Draw: Debra D, Joey W, Erik L

I’ll draw three winners of $25 each out of everyone who participates.

Make sure your name is on the list! Spreadsheet with names located here: Super Bowl LIII – Contest and Draw

Want an Extra Entry?

1. Sign up at Planet 7 Casino and take the $65 Free Chip – No Deposit Required
2. Email me your username and give me your quick impression of Planet 7, after playing the $65 free chip. Love it? Hate it? Would you consider depositing here? etc.

Pro Tips for Score Guessing

– Wait until after this Sunday’s Conference Championships (Jan. 20, 2019), when it is down to 2 teams to make your guess.
– Create an account at Intertops Sportsbook and check the over/under. That amount is what the pro bookies think will be the estimate of total points!

Look at the screenshot below from Intertops. They have the current over/under for the Rams vs. Saints game at 56.5 and Patriots vs. Chiefs at 55.5 – Granted, Vegas isn’t always right. In fact, they can be way, way off. But if you don’t have a clue, then going with a number close to the over/under at a sportsbook will at least be an educated guess.

Go Rams! I put $10 on the Rams at the beginning of the season to win the Super Bowl. If they do, I’ll win $110 for my small wager. If the Bears hadn’t got bumped in the first round and played to a Super Bowl win, I would have won over $1000. Drat! Ahh well… gotta go with the horse that’s still in the race, I suppose.


  1. Jacob Reager says

    62 (37-25) Saints over Kansas City

  2. I will say 59 total points and I’m hoping the Chiefs win, since my Packers had a terrible season this year.

    • Hi Michael!

      I have your point total guess entered. If you want to make any changes prior to the Super Bowl let me know. I’m giving folks a chance to edit since we now know its Patriots vs. Rams.

  3. Barbara golden says

    55 points in total

  4. james galarneau says

    63 points in total 33-30 siants

    • Hi James. I entered your 63 point guess. If you want to make any changes, since the Saints got bumped, let me know. We’ve got two weeks until the big game, so just let me know if you want me to edit your entry prior to kick off.

  5. Alisia Ashley says


  6. Danielle Barlow says

    The score gonna be 70.5 total and it gonna be new Orleans saints

    • Whew! That will be a high scoring game Danielle! Good luck. :) – Oh, and if you want to make any changes, since the Saints lost that heart breaker in overtime, let me know.

  7. Jenifer Moon says

    45 New Orleans

  8. Charlie Higgins says

    66 total points in the superbowl.

    • Thanks for participating Charlie! I’ve got you down for 66 points. Since you made your guess prior to the AFC and NFC championship games, feel free to ask me to edit your total guess. I know things may change based on who actually made it to Super Bowl LIII.

  9. Charlie Higgins says

    Chiefs win superbowl.

  10. james galarneau says

    67 points

  11. may be the highest scoring superbowl of all time 77 points in total

  12. Maxime Lajeunesse says


  13. fred palangi says

    i think both teams will be around 30 so ill go with 62 for the total

  14. im going with 43 points

  15. ill guess 51 since there all scoring teams left

  16. Barbara golden says

    37 points

  17. Aaron Lambert says

    57 and I’ll take the Rams

  18. Debra Davis says


  19. Jeff dahlke says


    • Wow! This would be a incredibly low scoring. Who do you think will win and final score? 17-13? 21-7? Not a lot of ways to get to just 30 points, unless both defenses just kick the crap out of the opposing offenses.

      Don’t get me wrong. I’m not poo-poo’ing your guess. Just can’t see how the final tally is 30 points, personally.

  20. deanie blades says

    pats 27 rams 24 so 51 total

  21. Keith(Citrus13) says

    Patriots 48

  22. I’ll go with 71 total points. I’d really love to see the Rams win it, but it’s hard to bet against the Pats here!

    • I’m a Rams believer. Tennessee Titans smoked the Patriots. If we can beat ’em, I know the Rams can do it. The problem is Brady just seems to elevate in the playoffs and super bowl and just plays out of his mind, MVP’ish football.

      • That is very true! Brady is a whole different animal in the playoffs/Super Bowl. I’m thinking it will be a shootout, hoping the Rams can pull it out in the end…

  23. I’m gonna guess the Rams win it with a 28-21 score. Total points guess is 49. Thanks for the promo Keith!

  24. James Petrie says

    58 points . Patriots win

    • Thanks for stopping by and hazarding a guess James. 58 points is probably a good guess for these two teams. Not too high, but not too low. Good luck!

  25. Zoe Arneman says

    48 points, Patriots win.

    • 48 is a nice number and I think you’ve got a real good shot, Zoe. Best of luck. Make sure to check on this page. I’ll edit it and put the winners in a highlighted box and email you as well. Good luck!

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