This is Vegas Review by Jon S

On May 12th, I decided to log in to the This Is Vegas online casino for the first time. I was immediately met with a bright visual of cherries, which made a connection in my mind to “winning at slots”. A moment later, an offer popped onto the screen offering me 111% bonus + 75 spins on the Mighty Aphrodite slot game. I decided to make a $50 deposit, and tried to do so in Bitcoin.

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Speedy Registration. Prompt Customer Service.

Registration to the website was quick and easy. Very little information was required: just my name, Email address, screen name, address, and I had to agree to their terms of use agreement (or something similar). After using a two stage verification process to verify my Email account, the Bitcoin and bonus appeared on This Is Vegas and I was ready go play. I think this is the fastest I have ever gone from entering an online casino for the first time to starting gameplay.

I clicked on the helpdesk chat box and was assisted by Emily. I wanted to verify that I had been credited with the 75 free spins since I did not see that listed anywhere on the screen. She came on the chat after a couple of moments to assure me that it was. This is another positive of This Is Vegas: prompt customer service. I logged onto the site at 8:09pm, yet despite the late hour was still assisted quickly. Impressive.

On to the slots….Candy Cottage was cute with juvenile graphics, but after several pulls at $5 each and not even bagging a 20 cent win we switched games. Next we tried Tahiti Time, a ONE LINE game. Never seen that. We switched down to 3 cent spins and played for a LONG time. Got some free spins early on, and a few other wins, but nothing to brag about.

We have a winner!

Next we tried “Jacques Pot Gourmet Slot”. Finally, a winner. Holy smokes, we turned our $40 into $650 in a matter of minutes. Very clever sounds of pots and pans (I guess you could call it music) as you spun the reels. We thoroughly enjoyed this game. So of course we lost all of our winnings but it was a fun ride.

I wanted to get those 75 free spins, so I went to claim them, but the website indicated I had not fulfilled the terms of the offer, would need to mark the offer “complete” and lose my remaining money to claim the spins. (I only had like 18 cents left, but was still unsure I wanted to toss the $ out). I decided to put another $50 in Bitcoin on the account, and went back to playing Jacques some more.

This time, after losing the money again(!) I went into the chat box and asked Emily what to do. She told me to go ahead mark the offer “complete”, then log off the site and log back in. I did as she said and when I entered the Aphrodite game my free spins popped onto the screen. I happily played for a while, won a bit, mostly lost, then called it a day on slots.

Next I switched to “fun” mode for a few minutes. I investigated some table games…Poker, Blackjack, looked for Three Card Poker (or “Tri Card” on these online sites) but while I thought I saw it, I could not find the game. I will have to ask the chat box person about that sometime. The table games were visually impressive and fun. No “surrender” option when you bet in Blackjack which is a bummer—when you get dealt a 15 or 16  you almost HAVE to “HIT” and of course I went over 21 and busted EVERY TIME. Glad I was playing with play money on this one!

I decided to call it a night and logged off the casino website. Thought I was done and would write my review the next morning. But I was in for a surprise…

Surprise: Cash Back!

I checked my Email and received no less than THREE emails from these folks. The first was nothing unusual, an opportunity to get 100% bonus on another Bitcoin deposit for as little as $15. The next one showed up in my “Spam” folder—glad I looked there- it was a $5 credit. Then in my regular Email I found I had triggered a daily cashback feature. The $100 I lost the previous day garnered me a little less than $10 in cash back. I logged back into the site and my account was soon credited with the $15 and did not even have to make a new deposit. That was a nice little treat, not a lot of money, and quickly spent on the slots, but still appreciated.

Overall my experiences with This Is Vegas were all positive. Easy to deposit Bitcoin and get started gambling quickly. Prompt customer service, all of my questions were answered. Games were fun, and there were a lot of choices. Many promotions going on—only minor complaint is no promos on table games, only slots—but many opportunities to get more bang for your deposit buck in the form of bonuses and free spins on different games. The icing on this “online casino cake” was the $5 credit and cashback feature the next day—This Is Vegas wants to keep you happy. I would definitely gamble here again. First time using Bitcoin, super easy and fast to use. I recommend This Is Vegas and would deposit here again, at least with Bitcoin. (I can’t comment on the ease with which one could deposit with a credit card, but based on my other experiences I expect there would be minimal hassle.)

Good luck and have a profitable day!

Jon Sterlace, site reviewer

Ms. Lisa – Winning BIG on the Jacques Pot Gourmet Slot


  1. Wanda Stetson says

    El royal is the worst casino I ever spent my money at

    • Hi Wanda. Please describe what happened? If it’s a customer service issue, I might be able to help. If it was just bad luck, then not much I can do there. :( – Please expound a bit!

  2. Unfortunately, this was one of the first sites I found for online gambling that was going to be productive. I won over $1,000, but was informed I had to deposit $10 from my Bitcoin wallet.
    I spoke to customer support, the.waited the 14 business days.
    When I went to look and see where my withdrawal was at in the transaction history, ALL of the sudden I can no longer reach that site.
    I do plan to report this to the gaming commission, and to anyone else that will listen. I was lucky in the fact that I took screenshots of all conversations with customer support along with screenshots of the withdrawal request balance history.
    If you’re only going to use their money, and play without the expectation of winning actual money it would be a fine site. But if you wish to NOT be scammed; or in essence robbed, of your money don’t use this site.

    • Hey there! I hope you were able to get this resolved. If not, I might be able to help. Requiring a deposit in order to setup the “Know Your Customer” process is not uncommon. Obviously, disappearing funds would be uncommon. :( – Email me if you want me to try to run down some contacts at This is Vegas.

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