Valentines Day Story – Drawing

Ahh, love is in the air! Has Cupid ever thumped you in the butt with an arrow? If so, this contest drawing is for you. I’m giving out $100 this Valentine’s Day, in a free to enter drawing, where the better your story, the more entries you receive into the drawing.

Valentine’s Day Story Drawing

Here’s how to enter! (Up to 6 entries)

Entry #1 Sign up at one of these three casinos and email me back your username.
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Entry #2 Comment below (Speak Your Mind box) and tell me your personal favorite Valentine’s story.

It could be a great date, gift, family day, or restaurant experience. Just keep it clean. I’m not looking for erotica. :)

Entry #3-6 More than a sentence or two…

Minimum stories get minimum entry. Something interesting that everyone will enjoy reading will get the extra entries. Example of a 1 entry story: “My honey got me a box of chocolates. Yum!” I know your love life has got to be richer than that, no? Pretend like your significant other is going to be reading it.

Prizes: 2x $50 cash gifts. That way it mostly pays for you and your sweetie to have dinner at a decent restaurant. That or buy up all the half priced candy on Feb. 15th and enjoy!

Check your entries! Valentine’s Day Story Contest – List of Entries – Is your name in the hat??

Winners! George and Jaxxnme. I emailed you guys both to figure out how to get the $50. Bitcoin works best for me, but I’m flexible. Thanks for sharing your stories, everyone!

Have fun with it, and most of all, I hope you guys have a great Valentines Day!


  1. Julia Larsen says

    I happen to have a birthday that follows up the day after Valentines Day. Needless to say I always get both occassions combined into one day instead of two separate days. I was waiting patiently for my new fiance to pick me up as we were going to meet some of his family and share the news of our engagement with them. I had never felt more excited as we left the house that night. I was in love, it was Valentines evening and I knew we would be having birthday cake and presents later. My fiance left me at his mothers house saying he had a last minute gift to go collect. He said his family and friends would be home in a bit but reassured me he would be back before they would. I was sitting on the couch with butterflies in my stomach. Time kept going by and the butterflies actually turned into gas. I chose to release a big ole fart which was followed by a huge roar of laughter from the other room. I soon found out I was not alone in the house as they were hiding out waiting for others to throw me a surprise party. I think I surprised them as much as I was surprised.

    • ROFL! Julia, great story. Embarrassing, no doubt, but makes for a great story in the years to come. :) Too funny! Thanks for sharing. You get the 1 entry for commenting and the max 4 entries for the story quality. If you can sign up at one of the casino sponsors, you’ll have all 6 of your entries. Email if you have any questions!

  2. It would be great to win ! I lve pay this casino.happy 💖day.sonia f medina

    • Hi Sonia,

      I’d love to see you win! You’ll have a much better shot if you register at one of the casinos in question and write a paragraph or two V-day story. Right now I have you with one entry for commenting. Register at one of the casinos in ‘ticket #1’ and write a comment with your favorite Valentine’s Day story, event, etc. and you can earn 5 more entries!

  3. George Brockmann III says

    Many years ago I bought My Best Friend Daniel a CJ5 Jeep so that We could go on a little “Road Trip” vacation. It was early February and We headed south towards Southern California, with no place in mind, just Cruisin’. On the 2nd day (Feb.13th) Daniel & I ended up at a very Plush Resort in the Mountains of Los Angeles, California. That evening We decided (after a few cocktails) to get up on Stage to try out some of Our Comedy routines…. at first We couldn’t even get the Crowd to Smile … but all in due time We felt out the People and did get the Place Jumping full of Laughter . Finally, well after midnite “Last Call” was announced so as I headed up to the Bar to order Our last Drinks. This very attractive Local Young Lady was ordering Her last Drinks directly in front of Me, and as She turned around to return to Her Table She almost spilled Her Cocktails…. “OOPS, Sorry ’bout that You
    Funny Man !’ She said in a soft voice…. “How Funny would that be if I spilled on You ____? What’s your name anyway…… just in case I do?” She asked curiously. Howdy Ma’am they call Me “Jorge Loco”….. “Crazy George” I replied. And still to this day I really don’t know What exactly happened… or How exactly it all happened, but this Local Young Lady, Lynn, hooked up with Me and ended up being My Girlfriend throughout the entire 2 weeks of Our “Road Trip” vacation ! And from Our very 1st Night (Feb.14th @ Valentine Day night) We ended up Making Love each and every night ! After the vacation ended I visited Lynn every weekend for many years to follow !

    • Great story George! Do you still have contact with her, or I’m guessing its a long lost love interest? Ahh, youthful love! 5 entries for you (comment plus great story!). If you want the 6th entry, just register an account at one of the sponsoring casinos in ‘ticket #1’, and let me know and I’ll make sure you have the max amount of entries.

  4. Aaron Lambert says

    I led my gf on at the time to believe something big was going to happen on vday. She was thinking I was either proposing or getting her a puppy. We went to eat at Mellow Mushroom and then a walk along a river downtown. I had scoped the place out and ended up proposing with a poem to my soon to be wife. Won’t top that one again! VDays have all been down hill since

    • Down by the river has gotta be a great location. :) – Proposal or a puppy, lol… do those two compare? Thanks for sharing. Max entries for you. Thank you for emailing your casino account info!

  5. Ahhh.. the holiday that defines his true feeling for you . The romantic Spontinaity- that cannot be without red roses and sweets ..I too think this way. Unattached however thanks to cupids horrible aim. still I was asked to plan the most romantic spontaneous night of her life in doing so destroying a man forever .. i had a friend whom travels for his job 9 outta 12 and I thought it would be a great idea to break news that he had a conference.that weekend . she is upset but she still wears a smile . He showers her with rose petals and candles… cuddles and massages .flowers and candy .doing all this before he flys out… Only he never booked the flight .. instead he had her drop him off at the airport for him to Change into his tux jump into a limo and make this one.. the one she would remember..and then it happened. He gets out of the car rings the bell ..with flowers in his hands and butterflies in his belly . This is it I for sure she was gonna say yes..but he didn’t get to ask. When the door opens he’s standing face to face with her
    ex husbandd.! I wish I could say it was the wrong house maybe I’ll just stay home this year. I caused enough damage

    • Hi Jaxxnme. Great story! How sad for the poor bloke to stumble upon his dirt bag significant other being a 2-timer. But, probably good. Coulda been a lot worse if marriage followed with someone who wasn’t true. So maybe you did him a favor, not damage? 1 entry for commenting and 4 for a great story. If you want the last entry, please register for a free account at one of the sponsoring casinos in “Ticket # 1”, and shoot me an email to confirm. Thanks! (

  6. I met my fiancee in an unlikely scenario, it was at our towns Royal Legion Hall, a place that neither of us frequented. In fact it was my first time there ever, and my future fiancee who never goes to bars or drinks just happened to be there that night. It was karoke night and I finished singing “Take it Easy” by The Eagles when one of her friends called me over and asked if I was interested in taking her out on a date. My fiancee is super shy and would of never approached me on her own, through her friend we were able to set up a date and the rest is history :). I like to think she was blown away by my stunning rendition of Take it Easy but she insists it had nothing to do with that lol :P.

    Every Valentines day we like to use it an excuse to treat ourselves to a nice meal together :). I have in the past bought her roses but other than going for a meal we don’t have an annual routine. We like to spoil eachother for the entire year so for us that is just another day :).

    • Ahh, very cool way to meet. So, you can play poker AND sing? Seems like a pretty good catch for Ms. Mike. :) – My wife and I have migrated away from the expensive Valentines Day roses as well. They are usually sub par quality, because they are selling so many they are not as picky about what goes into an arrangement and they pop you for double the usual price. Better to get a nice meal and dessert, and get flowers for her on a random day during the year. A nice surprise for her, better price for me and much more healthy flowers.

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