Answers to Online Bingo FAQs

If you are new to online bingo then it is only natural for you to have questions about the games and how the process of playing goes. Many other new players have questions as well. Here is a list of those more frequently asked questions and answers to them:

How old must I be before I can play online bingo at these bingo sites?
The one thing you need to understand is that each online bingo site is responsible for setting its own age requirements. However, a general rule is you will need to be either 18 or 21 years of age at most of the online bingo sites if you plan on playing in the real money area.

How can I get some of the online bingo bonuses I keep hearing about?
When you go to the online bingo sites you will see a bonuses or promotions section. By visiting that section of the bingo site you can read the information on each bonus the site offers. If you are interested in trying out the real money bingo games without risking your own money, then check our no deposit bingo section. One area you want to pay attention to is what you will need to do before you can clear the bonus. You can earn bonuses for many reasons, some of which are registering, making deposits, referring people, and accumulating points.

What types of bingo games will I be able to participate in?
The bingo sites will offer different games and you can find out which site is offering what by going to the game section. There are many pattern games a lot of the bingo sites offer. Some of the more common games include blackouts, letter patterns, shape patterns, and those more traditional line patterns.

What kind of budget do I need in order to play bingo online?
You will be able to play in free games or real money games. When it comes to playing in the real money bingo games, you can find cards for just a few cents or for as much as 5 dollars each. This allows you to enjoy online bingo no matter what your finances look like.

Will I encounter a lot of technical issues when I play bingo at an online bingo site?
As long as you choose a well respected online bingo site that runs on stable online bingo software you should have very few issues, if any at all. Technology has come a long way and this is the same for the online bingo site. In fact, many of the online bingo sites will produce games that you will be very impressed with; they can have graphics which are quite amazing.

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