Americas Cardroom Reviewed by SpeedMix1

Before jumping in with a deposit at America’s Cardoom, please take a moment to look over this review by Paulo, aka. SpeedMix1, of the NoDepositBonus community. Paulo was very kind to offer his review for a small stake at ACR and I believe it will be of help to anyone looking for the pros and cons of this site or of the Winning Poker Network at large.

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We post reviews from a broad range of players. You don’t have to be a pro! Most of our community plays the lower limits, and are worried about putting their $50 or $100 into a site that never pays out. So an honest experience from a fellow player can be very helpful.

Without further ado, here is the review from Paulo – SpeedMix1.

Deposit Experience at America’s Cardroom

All it takes is $50 to make an America’s Cardroom deposit. The deposit is really quick, because America’s Cardroom allows you to deposit using different services and all of them are really fast, so I’m really glad nodepositbonus showed me this room. I hope in the future, I will be able to make more deposits using codes from promotions and other events. The Help Chat is definitely a plus regarding all the time you lose with other poker room sites, but this one is kinda quick and the treatment is really smooth and helpful.

Cash Game Competition

I have spent the past few months in Portugal playing a truly massive amount of hours online, so I certainly felt prepared, or at least in the swing of things to conquer cash games at America’s Cardroom. What I found was an average player list at the tables, although you don’t need to wait for players to join your table. The table selection is not that big of an option, because there aren’t so many full tables. You still easily notice who’s good or a fish player.

For a middle stakes player I would recommend this site for sure!

Tournament Experience.

The Tournaments I played on America’s Cardroom were only small buy in or simply a freeroll. What I noticed in this limits and offers from this room, is that most of the players are really fishy, although I never saw any complaining on the chat about some other players. We see that a lot in the other rooms, players complaining about each other’s hand and moves. Everyone was really smooth and polite. To be honest I think I could do more in this tournaments offers, but I need to upgrade my bankroll.

Notice that America offers tournaments 24 hours a day and that is just sweet, to have the opportunity to play whenever you want and different buy ins as well.

I already tried freerolls of Holdem, small buy in tournaments as well and Omaha Tournaments.

Customer Service Experience

(Paulo requested password assistance just to test the customer response time and he shared the email tree with me to verify!)

The answer I had was really fast and productive. I didn’t wait more than some minutes to have it and they were extremely polite and correct. So, I’m really happy and have faith in this room.

Successful cashout? Yes!

Overall Opinions / Notes

Becoming a pro player on America’s Cardroom is no easy task, but there is no higher honor on an acclaimed online poker site. I realize that the earning potential is very good for someone of my age. In addition, I never really wanted to be someone who was employed and worked an office job, so it made a lot of sense to play poker since I wouldn’t have pursued careers which are comparable in terms of pay anyway, such as medicine or law. I also really enjoy the game, so am happy doing this as a part-time job, at least for now. I really, really love the flexibility poker offers and really appreciate the fact that I can basically play as much as I want to, whenever I want to and where ever I want to. Obviously there are a few exceptions because of legislation and the location of this poker room, but everything works out due the services allowed by this company.

I wish a good future for America’s Cardroom and NodepositBonus as well!

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