Go Wild Review by FunSeeker

Ms. H, formerly known as “FunSeeker” took us up on a casino secret shopping opportunity and chose Go Wild Casino. This is a sponsor casino that we talk about quite a bit in our newsletters and free spin blog posts, so I felt a third party review from a community member would be very helpful.

Ms. H values her privacy, and I completely understand, so we’ll just refer to her with common nicknames that many of our fellow gamers know her by, ie. FunSeeker, Funster, FunHun, etc.

One special note I should make about FunSeeker, is the fact that she comes from a poker-only background, like myself. I can remember a time when playing a game that gave the house the edge was completely foreign to me. I have come to enjoy the recreational aspect of the other casino games, and on some, that edge can be reduced to nearly a coin flip. (Read: 5 Great Casino Bets – No Thinking Required). Many a poker player has found that casino games can be a lot of fun without the poker grind, and with a little luck, there are some massive wins to be had!

Let’s move on to FunSeeker’s review.

Depositing at Go Wild Casino

I am in Canada, and my first choice to deposit was Instadebit. I deposited $40. You can use your own currency at GoWild so there were no currency exchange costs to deal with upon deposit or withdrawal. This is a great perk. The process was very quick and very easy and my funds were there instantly. GoWild has a big selection of deposit options. You are also able to redeem your Loyalty for deposit.

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Playing Slots

Keep in mind that I am just getting into casino play, and wanted to try out a lot of games. The first slot I tried was a new one called Maximum Damage and I did not like it at all, it was boring and only spun a few rows, very slowly. GoWild offers a lot of slots, it was mind boggling to see them all. I chose the ones I liked the theme of, and they included a variety including video, bonus slots, classic and jackpot. The jackpots are big too!

I moved on to a ‘recommended’ game for me called Kathmandu. After some smaller wins, I hit $4.25 on only a .20 cent bet. It was more fun. I tried a few more video slots, had fun but not much luck either. In retrospect perhaps I should have stayed put for a while rather than move around too much, but I wanted to have fun and try the different slots.

I also returned to BlackJack where I began with better luck. But again, my bankroll spiraled downward so I moved back to some other video slots and a megaspin. Within an hour of switching back and forth between slots and BJ, I lost my credits. It was a fun ride, and I would recommend this casino to anyone who loves a variety of slots and table games. With so many slots, there were a variety of graphics and themes.

Playing Table Games

As I mentioned, I was switching back and forth between table games and slots. I
I switched over to Black Jack where I got ahead $3-4 but not for long, ended on another losing streak down $10, and upon returning for the last time, I lost all. There were a lot of table games to choose from.

I also tried PokerRide, but it was a new game to me, and I didn’t take enough time checking the rules, thus lost some by doubling up on a call. I love poker though, so thought I’d give it a try. The help section is really excellent at GoWild. Basically everything is explained in detail.

Customer Service Experience

I spent time chatting with Sarah who was helpful in helping me with bonus information. Chat came online very quickly and Sarah was very friendly. She spent a good 1/2 hour with me. There was one hold up in time when she tried to search for something and couldn’t find it. I had to direct her to where I saw the write up. Overall very helpful and friendly. GoWild’s Help section is full of information, thus less need to contact chat.

Final Thoughts

GoWild has a great reputation, so if you are just getting into casinos, like me, this is a good one to start with. Also please note that bonus is applied automatically to your first deposit, so make sure if you don’t want it, to let them know immediately. They have some good first deposit bonus’, along with free spins. I would feel comfortable depositing there again. I would like to get more casino experience, and I really think GoWild is a good place to start. This is a good casino for those who are looking for big jackpots. Give it a try and I wish you luck!

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