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Ruth aka. LeanAndMean
Ruth, aka. LeanAndMean did a secret shop of Casino Titan for us during the first week of May, 2014. If you are considering a deposit at Casino Titan, please take a moment to read over her thoughts and experiences below.

For those of you unfamiliar with the secret shopping concept, in a nutshell, we reimbursed Ruth’s deposit at Casino Titan in exchange for this review. Thanks for taking the time Ruth!

Interested in secret shopping for us? Like most everything else around here, it is free.

Casino and Poker Secret Shopper Program

LeanAndMean’s Secret Shopper Experience @ Casino Titan

I am known as LeanAndMean in various forms on the sites I frequent. In my constant quest to become wealthy, I deposited $50 on Casino Titan. The deposit experience went smoothly. I successfully used the first method tried. I find it much easier to deposit on casino sites than on poker sites.

I wanted to play video poker, and I wanted to use the code “JACKPOT” which would give me a 400% bonus. I went to the cashier and found to my surprise that I already had a $20 bonus with a $700 play through requirement. I went to live chat and talked to Bill. “That is a welcome bonus, I can remove it or it will disappear when your balance gets below $1” I thought, “Why not” and began to play slots. It took about three minutes for my balance to get below $1. I returned to live chat to make sure I was cleared to use the Jackpot code. I talked with Susan who asked what games I like to play. “Video poker”, I said. “This bonus is not good for video poker,” she replied. It is a good thing I mentioned that, because had I begun to play VP it would have instantly voided my bonus. Back up plan? Play slots. With $250 to play with, I would surely make a profit.

Editor’s note: That $20 Ruth found was our Casino Titan $20 no deposit bonus. You can get one too. Get $20 Free at Casino Titan.

Well, maybe. My next question was “Is the bonus sticky?”. Again, I did not get the answer I would have liked. Yes it is sticky, which means they will remove the amount of the bonus from any requested cash out. Unless I finish with more that $250 I will not make a profit. Oh well, I decided to give it a try.

Within 10 minutes I was up $100 on Builder Beavers. My system is to play on automatic turbo. I set it to run 25 hands. At the end of the 25 hands, if I am down $10 or less from my starting point, I consider the slot to be “hitting” and run another 25. Otherwise I go to another slot. Did my “system” work? at my high point I got to over $400. My required play through was $6250. Within three days I had gotten the play through down to $3000 and went broke.

I enjoyed the selection of slots. The graphics on most are excellent, I did not run into any 3d offerings. I think the payouts are set so that it is impossible to win without hitting a jackpot. I have never hit one. i do find the play to be boring, hence the auto turbo settings.

I must put in a good word for live chat. These people are always courteous. And beyond that, they are friendly. Susan was so concerned that I understand the terms of the bonus that she repeated at least four times that I must play only the approved games. She seemed to really care that I succeed.

I would love to report on the cash out procedure. maybe some day I will not go broke and be able to cash out. And maybe, some day, elephants will fly. But overall it was a pleasant, fun experience.

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